Switching to previous weapon after throwing torch

  • Please change torch throwing to switch to the previous weapon that you were holding before picking up the torch instead of defaulting to the primary weapon.

    As an archer, it’s painful to pick up a torch in hopes of burning an objective but to be confronted by an enemy. Quickly you toss the torch in their face to bring up a weapon to parry with, but it defaults to your bow instead of the short sword or dagger that you were holding before picking up the torch. Thus, you die because you can’t switch to your secondary weapon fast enough to defend with.

  • I think this falls in line along with spawning with secondary weapons or fists. Please fix that too.

    It’s also annoying to spawn with pavise shield on crossbow archers, and have to pick them back up.

  • These are both on the bug list viewtopic.php?f=69&t=3582.

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