Animations = Frustration

  • I notice more and more that animations for all weapons will lag when used certain ways. The animation that I see lag the most is the overhead attack dealing damage earlier than its animations. It appears to happen during a combo attack or feint the most from my experience. Anyone else notice this? It’s no specific weapon, though 2 handers are the easiest to spot being the slowest animation. I’ll often get hit/killed when the weapon appears to be just over the head of the enemy when rather than on it’s downswing. I’ve made sure that this isn’t because of a laggy server or player as well.

    It’s just something that I’ve noticed but tried to ignore thinking it was just me but it happens so often that I’d like to see if anyone else notices this too.

  • no problem at all on this side for myself or my friends

  • Players are able to force faster contact by looking at their feet, for overhead swings anyway. The midway point of the swing becomes the point of contact. I do this constantly when I play.

    This is why it sometimes looks and feels like swings are coming a lot faster than they should be.

  • This is a bug that happens with high ping players, pretty much impossible to play against 90+ ping until it’s fixed.

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