My Thoughts Thus Far

  • After about 30 hours of game play and a lot, and I mean a lot, of cussing - I’m ready to give a bit of feedback. Use it as you will - just figured I’d post rather than rage at it in the chat channels on the servers.

    There are extreme issues with the classes. Reading a damage sheet I’ve noted that a knight is impossible to 1-hit kill with anything other than siege. This brings up the point that not only will they take more damage, no matter what weapon and class, to kill - they still put out the punishment just as easily as a vanguard/MAA. Sure, you want a tank - but the fact that they get a shield that makes them almost impossible to hit should be the reason why. If you are going to keep them at their current armor and other values then at least give them extra stamina drain when using weapons and blocking attacks. If I’m on a losing team, the easiest way for me to get a kill streak going is to switch to Knight. Hard to kill, good damage, and still fast enough to chase the fastest class in game. Broke.

    MAA gets my kudos as a class that takes some skill to master. That is, till you learn that some swords have a broken thrust attack. Having a MAA slide past your shield and double tap you with some sword thrusts, basically killing anything that isn’t a Vanguard/Knight, is frustrating. This is a good point to tie in the fact that the Norse Sword, I think, has the most broken of thrust speeds - often resulting in a double stab before I can even pull up a parry. The other issue with MAA is that they don’t lose enough stamina to their dodge. Jumping forward twice, attacking, blocking, then dodging back twice should leave them exhausted. No reason to give them more than that one engage, that’s typically enough to give them an edge in any fight. I will also state - this class gives up survival for speed and you make them barely faster than a knight with a shield.

    Archers will be archers - too soon to see how it will go. They have their place on the battlefield - but as it stands, people will only get better and we’ll soon see archers that can instantly lock a headshot on anyone. Which means 3 of 4 classes have to worry about instant death. I’m hoping some extra means of survival will be handed out to the poor Vanguards, as they are the only class that is at a huge disadvantage when it comes to engaging an archer on equal footing. We’ll see.

    Vanguards - oh how I hate and love this class. The power you feel when you cleave down multiple opponents at once. The thrill of hitting “X” as you charge across a field with your weapon high above your head. The feeling of utter rage you get when an archer blocks you with a dagger and doesn’t even stagger. That’s right - the biggest, baddest mother out there on the field can be parried by a tiny dagger. A shield shuts down my reach - then I gotta get that fat sword back on path, hoping my opponent doesn’t land an attack…cause once they do, I’m done. It’s almost impossible to recover to a point that allows me to counter once an opponent has engaged me with a fast weapon. This class feels like the front-line monster but that’s short lived. I’m good in combat, relying on my reach I can typically keep my opponent on the ropes. There are perks to this class that do seem too good - the polearms and spears have the most insane poke in the game. If done right, an enemy will have no choice but to sit back and pray that you suck at timing your attacks. shrugs Like I said, love and hate this class.

    Maps get bland after awhile - and some maps favor certain classes, which is fine. The Throne Room, or whatever that map is, is one of the most difficult to counter archers on. Straight hallways, tiny entryways, and a whole lot of land between you and them…It’s like suicide for any class other than someone with a shield. And even then…The stagnation of the maps is partially due to the small rotation, I’m sure that is something you are working on.

    Team killing. Team killing is probably the most satisfying thing about this game. You have to be smart about how you fight based on who is near you. Sadly, this is lost on most the people I’ve played with (don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of accidental TK) and often results in lower HP or death for no other reason than my own teammate’s stupidity. I will typically understand and let it go - however, you get that one person that thinks it’s funny or intentionally grief you. A votekick option is accessible in console and works on some servers to the point of a partial ban. This isn’t always the case and it would be nice to see an auto-slay or kick option. A player TK’s once, nothing big. It happens. Twice, shame on you - slain. Three times and you get a swift temp ban from the server for…15 minutes? This won’t be hard to do for most servers - but it should be automatic rather than the current votekick option.

    The community is spotty - I’m guilty just as much as anyone else of being a troll or a bit of an ass - but there are people floating around that just make me absolutely sick to listen to or try to cooperate with. This is where votemute or a mute option would be nice. Sure, I have to be in the same match as you - but why should I have to listen to you? And this would go across to the in-game voice as well. As much as I love the sound of a blood curdling scream, it gets tiring after 10 minutes.

    There are a lot more things I’ve noted over the past few days - but I figure this is enough to chew on for now.

    To sum up - Knights need a rework/nerf, MAA need a minor nerf to dodge and a buff to speed, archers are going to be archers, vanguards need a buff to stagger, weapons need reworked (I’m sure you know which ones), some new maps and a rework on a few to remove the extreme class advantage, TK needs more punishment choices, and a mute option would be nice.

    Thanks for reading - I’m sure it doesn’t make 100% sense and might not be 100% accurate as this is only one player’s experience with the game, and I won’t lie - I’m not that experienced.

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