Drop down attack. Bonus damage or no?

  • Should you be in such a frugal position as to drop down on your enemy from above and landing the hit on them before or just as you hit the ground, does that grant you any bonus damage?

    My impression is that it does not. If so, why not and should it?

    All I know is that we need full plate mail ninja knights. With Swords of War. Or war mauls.

  • I would like to know this also. Can we add momentum to attacks by accompanying swing with mouse movement and footwork? Can I use jump to add power to my overhead attack? Can I drop from a ledge onto my enemy with an overhead or stab and deal bonus damage from drop momentum?

    And why can stab do full damage from face hugging even though it shouldn’t have any momentum? It’s counter intuitive. Other cases of this is getting killed from the very end of a swing (when the sword barely appears to move, having visually lost its momentum and thus power would you think) or even at the very beginning, like a 2h sword overhead when you happen to be behind at the wrong moment…

    I suppose I should probably make a thread out of this, but it seems quite related.

  • You can increase the area covered by a swing by mouse and keyboard movement. No additional damage, but additional swing arc.

    You can jump and swing/stab over a shield but it does not add damage.

    Melee quirks are know to the development team and being able to swing and stab at full power from point blank is probably meant to keep the melee going and stay fluid.
    I might not entirely agree about that but I see the point of it.

    But the drop momentum seems like it should be in but it seems like it isn’t.

  • Not sure why there needs to be anything at all related to momentum? The animations were split so you only do damage during the ‘release’ animation - the entire part of which is meant to be doing full damage; when it slows down, you enter either a combo windup, or recovery, neither of which do any damage whatsoever. The windup, the beginning of an attack, also does no damage at all.

  • It doesn’t Need to be there, but it would feel sensible for it to be.

    Then again you already have a “bonus” for a successful drop down attack: A free full damage hit + the surprise factor.

    I think Slygoat has mentioned a set of animations for javelins that are supposed to be used when they are thrown from a sprint.
    Might just be extra quality or they intended for something extra for those sprint thrown javelins, range or damage or whatever.
    So they might have had that “applied momentum” thing for javelins but won’t put it in or haven’t yet. Taking that it is a possibility we get some momentum based mechanics.

    But the original topic was: Is there a bonus for a successful drop down attack or not, if not; why not and should there be.

    I’m fine with having it or not having it. This is just something I noticed and thought to put out on the forum.

  • Bonus damage for sprint thrown javelins I strongly agree with.

    Jumping? Not so much. I think instead, if you land on a player, they should take any fall damage you would have taken - so in that way you can increase your damage dealt from a cliffside ambush.

  • Yes agreed. Jumping should just be a maneuver like it is now. And the sprint javelin is also a great way to promote their more fast paced hit and run style.

    Goomba stomping(falling on people) would be fun. If absurd at times when you realize you’re pretending to be Mario in a plate-mail suit.

    What I was going for is: You are on a ledge. There is an enemy below you. You drop down and attack just as you are about to land.
    That attack should be more effective as the weapon not only hits with the swing force but also the added force of that vertical drop you just did.

    Again, it would be great to have, but I can do without. Just something to ponder.

  • I just keep imagining that as a coding nightmare.

  • Yeah.
    I figured there might be major hurdles about it and hence it’s not in the game.

    Still, that goomba stomping would be fun.

  • I really thought something was said early on about goomba stomping being a planned feature but I guess I was thinking of something else.

  • Might not be that much of a coding nightmare actually, depends on how things work behind the scenes now ofc. Which is known to the concerned devs

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