Personalizing more your class and your style of play?

  • Do you think that something lacks from personalizing your player or style of play ?

    CLASS APPEARANCE CUSTOMIZATION: That way you will be able to choose the appearance of the armor you wear which means boots ,armor,spaudlers,helmet …everything. You will also be able to choose their colours ( Different colours enabled to each faction)

    MORE SPECIAL ABLITIES FOR EACH CLASS: Of course you will not be able to have them all together.
    Each class will have more that one ability to choose for it.
    For example: In archer except from Rogue there could be also MARKSMAN ( You always focus when you Aim with a ranged weapon and when you focus you get even more focusing) or HUNTER (Ranged attacks do 25% more damage) or sth else.
    Then except from your weapons you will choose your ablity too.

    More weapons: You may be able to fight better with another weapon not yet ingame
    Choosing your armor in the class: Of course the armor will be of the same type but with small differences. THat means
    Archer: Light or cloth armors,
    Man-at-arms:Light armors,
    Vanguard: Medium or lower armors,
    Knights: Heavy or lower armors.
    In each category (heavy,light,medium,cloth) there will be 3 choices
    1st Less stamina lose but less defence too
    2nd Normal stamina lose and normal defence too
    3rd Better defence but bigger stamina lose
    The second category will be the one the class normally has.
    If having heavy armor you will be able to choose also one upgrade for your armor:
    -Spiked armor and shield( if you have)
    -Chain shirt inside
    -Masterwork armor
    -anything else one can think

    Special moves for each weapon: When you play a lot with a weapon and you are good with it you will unlock special moves to do with it.

    MAKING SMALL APPEARANCE CHANGES TO WEAPONS: You will be able to have patterns painted on it and so on … things that will not influent weapon stats.

    Anything you want to say ? :)

  • Voted special abilities aka perks.

    Armor - it would be nice, but it would make it harder to identify classes and possibly making class progression seamless (which is not bad either but wouldnt fit this game).

  • I think every Vanguard weapon needs its own “special move” I.E. unique charge attack for each weapon.

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