User Experience Study of Chivalry

  • Hi

    I am looking for volunteers to participate in a short user experience study of Chivalry.

    The study just involves filling out a questionnaire after you have been playing Chivalry. I will be sharing the results of the study with the Chivalry team.

    The questionnaire is designed to measure the social engagement with allies and enemies during the game. The questionnaire is around 80 multiple choice (rating 1-5) questions and should take around 5-10 minutes to complete.

    I am currently on a phd doing research at the University of York (UK), the research is focused on social presence and immersion in team-based online games. My usual platforms for this research are games such as RO2, but having owned Chivalry for a few days its defiantly a different experience, one which I’d like to look into with the help of the community.


    1. Play Chivalry (preferably in a team based mode, TO, last team standing, etc)

    2. When you finish playing or take a break follow this link to fill out the questionnaire:

    Please answer honestly

    All data collected will be anonymised, please feel free to ask me any questions

    thank you

    p.s. to assure you this isnt spam I PM’ed and asked permission from Tibberius to post this request.

  • Submitted, pretty cool stuff.

    Just throwing my opinion out there: I hate team work and team based games. Personal skill means way more to me than team work, which is why I usually stick to fighting games. But Chivalry has a good focus on personal skill sometimes, so I enjoy it when it does.

  • Wouldn’t selection and self-selection biases be problematic here? In any event, I gave my views.

  • Hi

    thanks to all so far that have replied.


    Wouldn’t selection and self-selection biases be problematic here? In any event, I gave my views.

    Thanks for the concern. I get what you are saying, there will always be biases when selecting a population for participants, in this case I am asking gamers, and gamers who probably like the game in question, on top of that gamers who are self selecting, some bias there i am sure :)

    However I am measuring the level of social engagement, something which the respondents may feel differently about, even if they are all experiencing high levels of immersion and enjoyment. In fact I have had varied scores already.

    Also I much prefer asking gamers to contribute to gaming research as they are far more familiar and knowledgeable about experiencing virtual environments than participants in most academic studies of gaming (they usually use random students from the university). I think the bias I am getting from gamers is better than the bias I would get from novis users (or non-gamers) who would take weeks to get used to the game.


    Submitted, pretty cool stuff.

    I hate team work and team based games

    lol thats the spirit!

  • I am just going to bump this once to ask for some more participants in case anyone missed it the first time.

    After this weekend (probably on Tuesday) the questionnaire survey will be closed for analysis of the results

    thank you again to those that have responded already.

  • What’s your major, Sociology?

  • @Iron-Sentinel:

    What’s your major, Sociology?

    Its a bit convoluted, my phd will be in Computer Science, based mainly around training using large scale multi-user virtual environments. Part of that (the fun part) is exploring social engagement in team-based virtual environments, including games.

    Games make a really good experimental platform, and I wanted to explore social engagement in a very different type of team based game (Chiv). But yes this part of the work has a strong sociology based methodology and theoretical background.

    Most social gaming research focuses on MMOs, but they have little to no relevance to real-world practical uses of multi-user simulations, used mostly for military for pilots + ground grew and infantry training.

  • will you post the finals results at the end of your survey? , im curious about it ……
    or atleast a link to the result

  • Submitted, thank you for this! ;)

  • @batman666:

    will you post the finals results at the end of your survey? , im curious about it ……
    or atleast a link to the result

    yep I will post the results on the forums and as stated in the op i will be sharing with the Chiv devs

  • Submitted last night. Looking forward to your results and analysis.

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