Rolling over, knocking down and other suggestions.

  • I’ve been playing the game for about 10 days now, and I must say that this has been the game I’ve always wanted. However, I believe there’s still room for improvement, and here are my suggestions:

    • I like the fact that there is ducking, jumping, strafing (and quick strafing special skill for the MAA). I’d also like a rolling over left, right, back and forth option that is available to all classes. It would require a significant amount of stamina, especially more for heavy armored classes. The player should not be able to use blocking or any attacking skill, but the added sudden mobility could improve the fighting strategies. As it is, most veteran players are not using the stamina to the most extent of its limits, this may be a good way to drain it effectively.

    • I believe there should be moments that a good kick, or a swing (e.g. second swing of the overhead double combo by vanguards) could knock down another player. This is the case especially if the other player catches this attack in air, e.g in the middle of a jumping swing. It should be less likely to knock down a player with heavier armor. This knock would give the player on the ground a vulnerability for a second or two until he regains ability to block and swing.

    • Sprinting feels a little over used, especially since it has no stamina cost. I suggest to improve the speed of sprinting with an added minor cost on the stamina to balance it out, therefore it would not be the default mode for running. I think this would add a little more strategy to its use.

    • The cost for stamina for blocking two handed weapons with one handed weapons should require significantly more stamina. (Thinking about the momentum of a heavy weapon, that slow but massive build up should not be easily countered by a dagger block.) This is one dynamic that does not feel right at all.

    • I would like the ability to pick up unused thrown weapons from dead players (only if the player picked the same weapon as a thrown weapon).

    • I would like the implementation of a system where special armor designs and color of the metal plate that have unique looks could be purchased using credit gathered from killing and completing missions in team objective games. In order to not cause any grinding feeling, these armors should have no special addition to the qualities of the played class. It would be nice to have a little more unique look with in classes, to reward those who played this game for extensively long hours. It would be nice to recognize the vanguard with the wolf helmet coming towards you, or encountering and killing the dark metal iron armored knight knowing he has been playing this game for really long time. It’s also an added challenge to the player with these armors, as every player will run away or gang up depending on the situation. These changes should not harm the ability to recognize different classes on the battlefield. I believe, helmets are already planned. Varying armor colors from dull silver to dark coal metal armor would, even golden armor would improve uniqueness for those who played and deserved cognition.

    I apologize if some of these suggestions has been made before. Please let me know what you think.

  • mh i dont really think rolling around is a nice idea since it has def not been a martial arts move of the “western” fighting style.

    i totally agree that u should be able to knock over enemys specially when they jump and u hit em.

    im ok with sprinting atm, maybe draining stam SLOWLY since these are not nerds u play these are trained warriors.

    cannot really agree to stamina drop (i play vang mostly) i mean blocking a weapon of no matter wich weight when ur life depends on it u give it all, saying that it would be actually nonsense to drain stamina more then it is now

    mh yea looting deads its a hard time on the battlefield so why not?

    and well the diffrent looks of players is already mentioned like billion times i think they said big no to it not 100 % sure. (i would love to see something like that too)XD

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