Slashing in generall

  • This chat is not going about: is slash actually a usefull/skillbased attack?No complains no nerfing question no nothing.

    I just wanted to say that the way the slash goes and the slash itself needs a “big” fix. In ffa modes when u manage to overcome a few enemys in one on ones (hopefully) u might find enemys fighting and u still want to gain kills. so since the fights ur on low or midhealth and u try to backstab an enemy that just slashes the sec u are in range and then ur head flys off because that lil bugger was lucky enough to choose the slash even not knowing that there is a guy standing behind him. So basically let the slash start from the side of the user and not actually from the back so frustrating faildeaths wont happen againXD. (trust me dying this way is horrible……)

    And coming to problem 2 with the slash: the double slash. im not speaking about the backslash or a slash + overhead im speaking about those weird animations.
    Example: Ur enemy does a slash and misses u, the animation looks like hes doing a backslash wich is totally normal and u want to block it so u turn right. But suprise suprise the slash comes magically from the left (the side where the first slash came from) even tho its naturally impossible to move like that. all i ask for is an animation fix for that, so there are no slashwarps anymore

  • IDK about the animations, but if you die from the end of a slash, it’s not the dev’s fault for not fixing it, it’s your fault for not being careful around a slashing player. Slash is built as a dangerous, wide ranged attack, and if you’re not careful, you’re gonna die.

    Stop whining, start learning how to play this game.

    In a similiar post I read someone suggesting an indicator for enemies approaching you from behind. He said it’s impossible to play the game if you’re getting backstabbed every three seconds. But, he was wrong - there isn’t a problem with the game, there is a problem with him. He doesn’t know he should be watching his back at all times.

    Instead of learning from his mistakes he ran crying to this very forum.

    Not unlike you.

  • first be very carefull what u say to me friend.

    and second im not whining nor crying nor not understanding how this game works.

    The slash bugs out when the ENEMY misses u. after that the animation “threads” u kinda with a backswing wich is totally ok but instead of having the attack from this side nor having a feint nor having the arms to drop and start a new attack the slash comes from the other side (i mentioned before its not an slash overhead combo)

    as i see from ur post ur not skilled in reading since i didnt say ENDING of a slash i said STARTING a slash, wich just means the enemy wich ur behind at starts the swing not knowing that ur there and still gaining a kill or least dmg. I say slashes are the way they are fine but they have to START at the side of the attacker and not of the back since this game is skillrelated and no 360 whirlwind noscope nonsense

    and i wish i had a picture of it since alot ppl seem to be to stupid to understand what i m pointing out
    not unlike u.

  • I agree about the double slash thing. their hands/weapon just immediatly appear back to left slash position, which looks and plays unrealistically.

    If the devs are going for realism, there should be an animation for going back to default attacking position, and a double-left-slash should take slightly longer to execute, depending on the weapon (so that it can still look real).

  • I almost agree with you, except i only got through about half the post before stopping as it’s just painful to read. Try english.

  • Also the slash animation is tricky with some weapons, After first slash from the right side, guy slashes again with winding up from the left side, but attack itself comes from the right side. Well i don’t know if it’s a real bug or not, but it’s preety disorientating.

  • The only issue I see with slashing is that it seems to treat any impact with the blade as a 100% full force hit, even if you only clip the tail end of the animation (like being killed by a guy facing away from you because you touched his sword as he just finished a wind-up).

    It seems to me that the start and end of a swing (where the weapon isn’t really moving) should do far less damage than the middle of a swing. Basically some sort of damage falloff relative to the movement speed.

  • I feel the “slash” is too wide. Especially for vanguard weapons. I have been “slashed” when I was almost completely behind someone.

  • Yeah, i remember being 1 shotted as a MAA by a Hammer. not complaining about that, but i was 40 degrees to him on his left while he was attacking another guy; attacks start a TAD to early; they should start at about 55, which is when the attack has some momentum. before that, they’re to slow.

  • I totally confirm this.
    2 things happen alot to me when I use my archer knife (like 9% range) on a slashing enemy:

    1. I dodge the first swing (right->left) and then go in to block the backswing but for some reason it goes right->left again. I don’t know if this is a bug or a failed slash combo.

    2. I go straight for someone’s back when he’s totally unaware I’m near and fighting someone else.(don’t want to hit my friend with the bow). Happened a couple of times that I would recieve his slash damage and eventually die, although that slash attack would have to cover 360° which really seems like a bug.

    I guess this is some bug / lag problem with very very close characters.

  • i have noticed this aswell,ive been killed by people who didnt even see me or even tried to swing in my direction(usualy being carefull can prevent this,but it happens)

    i do agree that a weapon should only do little damage on the beginning and possibly the very end of a swing as momentum hasent been build up/is fading

    my problem with the slash and ive posted about this in another thread is that u cant choose direction(i think there should maybe be 2slash buttons,tho we alrdy have alot of buttons with 3directional attack each having a button)because now standing with ur right side to a wall or an object it means u cant do a swing attack,i think this is rather silly and would like to be able to start my swing from both left and right(maybe this is possible and i am just blind?)

  • Slashing is an attack just like overhead & stab, although it has less damage but more accuracy.
    I don’t think slash is a problem, unless its being used in groups where you would also wound your own teammates, they don’t serve as a powerful attack, as they can easily be spotted and parried.
    I don’t see the great idea about complaining about it. True the slash combo can be a bitch facing, but I imagine the overhead combo would be even worse.

  • Apologies for my bad english, i had a headache and will watch my english in further topics.

    mh well, cannot really agree to you wulfy since this is not about how usefull the slash is and what for. the animation bugs out as already a bunch of ppl said.

    aswell as the slash over the back where the slasher hits the enemy behind him, not knowing that he is there at all.

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