Locational Damage

  • I think it would improve the game if there was locational damage.
    What I mean by this is that being hit in different areas of your body has different effects. For example, a hit to the arm causes slower block/attack speed, a slash to the legs hamstrings you, and reduces movement speed, and getting hit in the head covers your screen in blood, obscuring your vision.
    This could of course be expanded, maybe even with different weapons/attacks causing different effects, and armour providing resistance, e.g. you can hamstring an archer with a sword, or break a knight’s knee with a mace.
    I think this would lead to an interesting development of tactics, perhaps men at arms would would attack their opponents arms, so they can’t block, and then unleash a flurry of blows, or maybe archers would first aim for their enemies legs, so they can’t run away. In addition, I feel this would both emphasize outfitting yourself for a specific opponent, so grabbing a heavy mace instead of a saber, when you want to kill knights, and also provide a greater incentive to both hit the enemy, and not get hit yourself, hopefully leading to more tactical gameplay, rather than mindlessly spamming slash, as often happens.
    Please, feel free to hit me with constructive criticism, I just want to make this game better.

  • Good ideas, I like it!
    But the bloody screen would be too much CoD for me…
    “Bloody Screen! So real!!” :D

    Loss of hearing/blurry vision would fit better I think.

  • I wonder what this would do with network latency. My guess is it’d not do much good. :?

  • There’s a problem with your suggestion - it makes personal skill and experience less valuable. I’ll explain:

    Said suggestion would make the first one to hit more likely to win than he already is. As the game is right now, you can win a battle even with 1hp left (that means, you took a number of blows), if you’re skilled enough, and then run away to get your health back. It means that you can always save yourself (and some time otherwise spent respawning) if you stay calm and play your cards right.
    That, in turn, enables skilled players to stay alive for extended periods of time, keep killing enemies and maintain a push or a block, making them more valuable for their team and contribute more to achieving the objective.

    Your suggestion put an end to that (at least to some extent) by making luck more significant - if you’re unlucky enough to take some random blows, then that’s it for you - you’ll perform worse and worse until you die.

    The only thing I think that would be nice from all the stuff you said is the legs part, and even that in a milder way - for example, hitting someone’s legs would make the stumble and momentarily reduce their mobility. That would actually be a good idea and will let skilled players chase people down more effectively. All the stuff about hitting people’s hand and vision-obscuring blood is overly complicated. Plus, do you know how hard it is to hit someone’s hand? It’s tiny and constantly moving.

  • I don’t like this at all. It would put the gameplay speed on a massive halt during fights: slower fights = bad idea.

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