Health Regeneration

  • Will a health regeneration be added in the game? Despite the unbalanced regeneration in CoD there are games like Mafia 2 where it worked flawlessly.

  • We’re still playing around with how health works in the game, but I think it’s safe to say it will not end up being lame regenerating health like COD.

  • I personally liked how it was in AoC with extremely slow regeneration however I also don’t mind it not regenerating at all, more so what I do mind is people recycling with a console command to kill them selves just to regenerate to full instantly re-spawn within 10 seconds and then camp an objective that is like 10-20 feet from their spawn point.

  • As Pat said, it most likely will not be some lame regeneration system LIKE call of duty.

    But even if it did, health regeneration is a much better alternative than the medic system, which is very hard to balance so that its exiting for both the medic and the patient.

    There’s only 3 ways I can think of to handle health regeneration in an FPS

    1. Regeneration
    2. Medic System
    3. No Healing

    In my opinion the former and the latter are better than the medic system.

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