Lost 500+ kills worth of items… GONE

  • So, 21 hours of game play logged already and i have lost every unlock i once had. is there any way i can get my items back? literly the only character i want the items back for is the archer, who i had every item unlocked on. im not grinding out another 500 kills again to have these items back. This has effected me playing the game so much that i don’t even play it anymore because i literally lost everything i had unlocked and enjoyed using.

  • If you join another server, you should just be able to give it a few moments and let it sync again and those unlocks should come back – unless for some bizarre reason you were still on the pre-Hotfix 1 build which contained the reset stats code.

  • This was from before the hotfix, is there any way for me to get the items i unlocked back? because i dont even want to play anymore if i have to re-unlock everything lol. It just gets me annoyed at the game honestly.

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