Udk.exe stopped working

  • still didnt get a fix for this error anyone can help?

  • right click on Chivalry: Medieval Warfare in your games list and hit properties.
    Then go to Local Files and “Verify Integrity of game cache”

    see if that works.

  • well it ends up downloading the game allover again… gud i kept a backup :D

  • If it ended up downloading the game all over again, that means you had a lot of files that were corrupted. Let it run through and re-download everything. If you stopped the process, start it again.

  • ok i downloaded the game twice since i last posted here… and i whenever i try to enter i still gives this udk.exe error plus when i verify integrity of cache it wants me to download 1.9gb of files…why?i did download it from steam 2 times excluding the 1st time

  • In that case it could be one of a few things:
    You don’t have enough space on the partition/hard drive you’re installing to. (rare)
    Your internet constantly drops out abruptly.
    The directory Steam is downloading the game into contains corrupted files that the download isn’t overwriting. (common)

    My advice is to completely delete from your directory the Chivalrymedievalwarfare folder and retry the download.

    Failing that, uninstall and reinstall Steam, keeping your current working game directories.

    [edit: Also, the complete game is 2.6gb(approx but no less)… not 1.9]

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