Who owns the official multiplay servers? How can i contact

  • I was just on one of the official multiply servers and two friends started to TK me, they managed to kill me twice in a row, after unsuccessfully vote kicking them, i defended myself on the third round. I managed to kill one of the players tking me and an admin bans me from the server. I’d like to know who owns the servers so I can submit an admin abuse report against the person who banned me. This admin didn’t take the time at all to figure out who was tking, but rather banned me because the two friends were loud in chat by calling me fag, and retard etc.

  • Only the Devs and Moderators (so about 20 of us in total) have admin access to the Official servers, so you can see if any of those match any of the names you recall in the server. Also be aware if you are votekicked, you are temporarily banned. As well as that, there are some servers falsely proclaiming to be official or developer servers; if you know the name or IP of that server, I can confirm it for you.

  • It was one of the official servers, I cannot play on all of them right now. I get redirected to an empty server every time i try no connect.Anyways one of the players names was talos, i think the 2nd players name was mexican something, or something mexican, but don’t quote me on that.

  • There is no way to ban people from multiple servers right now by using a command on a single server, and if the devs do ban people from multiple servers, every single server has to be restarted for this to take effect, so it sounds unlikely you were banned in the first place. What is the message you receive when you try and connect?

  • I just get redirect to an empty server, doesn’t matter if there are 20 free slots.

  • This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a redirect. Some servers are reporting false player counts though, so it may show as 24/24 but have no one, or fewer people, in it.

  • I assume it’s a ban because i got disconnected mid game where the people were tking, and when i try to connect to other official servers i get connected to an empty one.

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