3rd person camera clips through walls

  • One thing that really annoys me about playing in 3rd person is that as soon as you get close to the wall with your back you’re basically blinded since the camera moves through the wall. I have to turn my body or get somewhere else to see something which is quite hard in an ongoing fight.

    I would suggest that the camera moves forwards so you’re seeing less while being next to a wall but not completely blinded.

    And please no suggestions about playing in 1st person. I prefer 3rd and this is what I will keep playing Chivalry like.

  • Yup, that annoyed me a few times as well, because you die easily if this happens in the middle of a fight. Would be cool if this could get fixed!

  • The reason this happens is because there is no third person camera collision. I’m not sure if the developers plan to add that in at some point. :Shrugs:

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