High ping and packet loss

  • Hi,

    I recently moved from an old apartment in Downtown Montreal, to a suburb area, but still close to where I was before (10 km). I am using the same ISP provider, Videotron. The same speed.

    I was playing this game perfectly fine before, but now something is really wrong. Whenever I join a server, my ping skyrockets up to close to 200, sometimes drifting to 130 but never going below… and often rising back up again.

    Keep in mind that I filter servers by their pings. I only join servers that display a low ping (although often I won’t see any, when I refresh… there they are). I’ll see a server with 30 ping, join it, and be at 200.

    It’s entirely unplayable. Not only is it impossible to properly time parries anymore, but I also get a lot of rubberbanding.

    I’ve tested the internet here, and the speeds are accurate. 10 mbps down, 1 mbps up. I am connected to a Linksys E1200 router. I’ve tried everything I can possibly think of.

    I went into the router setup, disabled the firewall, added myself to a DMZ, tried to forward every port for steam (although it didn’t seem to recognize it as a program)… rebooted the modem, my computer, the router, tried a different Ethernet cable… nothing is working. It’s very depressing. Nothing has changed on my own computer in the move.

    Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this? I also notice there is a delay of a second or so before I start to load a webpage when I click a link.

  • I had a similar issue and that was resolved by getting a new cable modem. :Shrugs:

  • Could be a problem on your ISP’s end at your new location. Do you get bad pings to everything else (not Chivalry servers)?

  • A new modem… hopefully the ISP here can switch it out for free.

    And yes other games suffer from the same issue.

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