My AoC is stuck in DirectX7

  • **So, for some reason I thought it was necessary to lower my AoC game to direct x7 through using steams “set launch options” - which at the time didn’t help me.

    So I took the command out and restarted the game, but I noticed it remained in version 7. So I tried forcing it to later direct x levels without any luck.

    The game doesn’t render explosions or certain graphics properly while under this setting and I also get kicked from servers who I guess have somekind of “sv_pure” like setting enabled.

    Could anyone with knowledge about this help me rectify this, short of having to reinstall completely?

    • Notes, I verified the integrity of the game cache and also defragmented it before trying again. No cookie :(

    Much love (no homo.)

  • Have you tried adding -dxlevel 95 to the launch options?

  • **Yep! Thankyou, it seems to have worked. Maybe because I was only putting in 9 not, 9.5 earlier.


  • You’re welcome.

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