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    *edit: What is this thread about?
    I suggest increasing arrow and bolt velocity depending on weaponrange ( =bowpower). That way archery becomes viable for less gifted players (compared to usual slashspam) and crossbows gain an advantage over bows as they have more bowpower -> easier to hit a target.
    Also archer annoys a lot of ppl in meleecombat, so i suggest drastically reducing the time archer can hold this up with increased stamina costs.

    Other opions:
    -There’s the suggestion to reduce Warbows stats to get it more in a row with other ranged weapons.
    -Archer’s melee weapons are fine. Ppl need to learn how to fight beside lmb-spam (I like that one :D)

    First of all, what a great game! I love the atmosphere, the gore, the slashing basterds, the gore and especially the sound! Oh man it’s really satisfying when you manage to hit somebody due to the sound effects… Also the game already seems to be pretty balanced. I mean there’s no major problem in balance like siegeweapons or certain Man-weapons could have been.
    So I started to play as Rogue, mainly with a Bow and I happened to experience some little flaws and as I love this game I really would like the Devs to consider some of my points ^^.

    Right away, archer’s melee weapons are too strong. Why? Because i can block a Vanguards charge and 5 or more following attacks completely! It’s like fighting a Twohander or Pitchfork with a butterknife. What the hell…Thats unrealistic and sort of overpowered. On the other hand, the damage is just fine ( as for daggers at least), since even with all the blocking I won’t be able to outlast a true Melee class unless I managed to weaken them with my ranged weapon. Still, I suggest that blocking bigger weapons with a dagger / shortsword should drain way more stamina. That way an Archer may only block 1 or 1 and 1/2 attacks before he’s screwed. Just blocking one single attack and run for your life ( If there’s enough space) would still work, while you don’t tank for your friends.

    The next point is arrow / boltvelocity. It seems to be pretty much all about luck if you land your shot. Of course, automaticly hitting everything you aim for wouldn’t be the way to go. However, a Fullplatemail wearing knight shouldn’t be able to dodge an arrow fired just 3 yards away. Also whats the point of heaving a 80libs warbow when the arrow takes several seconds to reach a adequate distance where you’ll never hit a moving target.
    Sure. I just could learn to predict targetmovements (and yes thats what I’m doing), but there’s like a barrier that prevents you from reaching a higher accuracy, because you can’t predict movement of fighting or purposely dodging targets. Additionally, while this seems to be still “ok” with high firerate bows, crossbows simply don’t do the job. Especially the last one (tier 3) takes ages to reload, after a probably well and skillful aimed shot which just got casually dodged again. Plus you would have to land a second hit on certain targets anyway…
    In order to not overpower shortbows and their closerange - kite style of play, I would suggest to slightly (!) increase misslevelocity depending on bow /xbow range ( -> bowpower). So greater range and damage are actually worth to trade in for firerate. I don’t want them to hit instantly but just to be a littly bit faster so you can at least hit unaware and very longrange targets with less of a random luck factor in it.
    Also to further balance the fact that archers can take out others without giving them a chance to fight back and to encourage skillful play, why don’t we just give up our cross-hair? Nobody could blame a truely well aimed, yet somewhat unfair for the victim, shot if we had to actually put skill in it and not luck?

    Lemme know what you think and please, please make other / counter suggestions and skip the brainless qq. Also, I beg the Devs to give me a sign in case one of them actually read this ^^

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  • Archers are meant to be able to defend themselves in melee. If they couldn’t parry heavy weapons, that wouldn’t be the case. Parries are not the end-all be-all strategy, either, as there are many methods of faking out an enemy so you can punish them for mis-timing their parry, or even getting around it. You aren’t supposed to just wail on them until they’re out of stamina unless they’re using a shield.

    Crossbows are inferior to bows right now, that much anyone could agree on. The warbow is too powerful and is basically a crossbow you don’t have to reload.

    As for speeding arrow/bolt velocity - only if arrow damage is decreased in turn. I wouldn’t mind faster bolts with the current state of crossbows, but faster arrows would make bows far too strong. They’re already perfectly viable as-is, especially the warbow which can one shot anyone but a Knight if you hit them in the head, and takes 2 hits to kill any class with body hits. There are numerous archers who can already land consistent shots against enemies who are unaware of them at a distance, or engaged in combat up close; you shouldn’t really be getting easy one hit kills on enemies who know you’re shooting at them and are actively trying to evade you, it would completely break down the balance of the game.

  • so you think the warbow should be nerfd instead so everyone survives 2 arrows?

  • The only reason a dagger user would be able to kill a Vanguard is if said Vanguard is constantly trying to attack instead of parry then retaliate, and therefore constantly getting himself flinched. The dagger user would run out of stamina way earlier than the Vanguard, and every parry the dagger user then does with no stamina puts them into a 0.9s daze. That’s plenty of time to windup pretty much any attack and finish them off. Anything that nerfs the daggers in their current state would render them completely unusable weapons as the Shortsword would just completely outshine them as if it doesn’t already to that enough. A good player can still pick up a dagger and kill people though, it just takes a hell lot more work, even on average players.

  • @Escadin:

    so you think the warbow should be nerfd instead so everyone survives 2 arrows?

    No, I think it should be slowed down and the other bows sped up.

  • @SlyGoat:

    No, I think it should be slowed down and the other bows sped up.

    Maybe decreasing the time that it can be held pulled back too (gives the advantage to crossbow since you can aim that indefinitely).

  • Well that wouldn’t be a solution for the very hard time ppl have using crossbows effectivly. It would just encourage the (already) overuse of the short bow. Probably are there some ppl who archieve a 0.5 or higher accuracy but there are way more who own with a twohander or hammer.
    Basically, I don’t see the harm in trading the cross-hair for some velocity so a team can depend on good archers if anyone is up for the aiming skills. Other classes don’t have that major drawbacks. How often is a knight MVP? How often do you see archers rocking the enemy/ your own team?
    All I ask is a slight velocity increase so ppl CAN hit even with slow crossbows if they need to AND have the required skill (some= more than a few genies^^).

  • Maybe decreasing the time that it can be held pulled back too (gives the advantage to crossbow since you can aim that indefinitely).

    That wouldn’t change much since ppl mostly watch their targets moving while they ready their bow. They choose a possible path and then spray & pray.
    Actual aiming doesn’t help, which is why I’m here :D

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