Stamina bars, hp bars - please no.

  • Hey there. I thought about something to make the game more intuitive and based on experience. How about not including a stamina bar, a hp bar, and any other bars that might show important stat-information to the player, and instead make sounds and visual effects to show when, for example, the players health is low. If we use my example, it could be something like alot of blood on the screen, a blur effect, and maybe heartbeat (of course it shouldn’t cover the screen in blurry bloody effects and that kind of stupid thing, it should be in a moderate amount of course :) ). For exhaustion after a sprint, it could be (as you have probably already guessed) the character heavily breathing and maybe also some very slight blur effect.
    I don’t know whether you think these ideas are any good or not, or maybe you have already thought about them, but i just feel like they would fit the ‘direct’ gameplay that this game seems to have (such as the combat system for example).

  • Maybe make the bars removable if people wish to, but don’t take them out entirely - they’re essential for me.
    Well, the current AoC stamina/‘in combat’ bar are. I like to know precisely if I can sprint and how much more fighting I can do in the next few combat seconds, and I also like to know if I can survive that next crusader slash or not. Indirect indicators such as blood onscreen and sounds are, in my experience, less precise. They’re well made for fast paced shooters where you die in 1-2 seconds when shot at anyways, but in a more tactical game like this, I like my bars.

  • I think removing them is a really nice idea, tho I assumed they’re already out from the game.

    A nice tip I can give for the devs is that if they wish to increase immersion to a whole new level, check out the old game Knights of the Temple.

    There, when you were low on hp, all sounds were off except armor clinging and the clashing of the weapons, plus a really outstanding score could be heard during your “last minutes” while you were dying.

    Now… take dragonfury’s (and my) advice, turn all status warnings (low health, weak attacks, whatever) into audio-visual, non-UI-related signs (like the ones dragonfury described), soften down the sounds that would normally be audible by the ingame character and add some epic music for critical situations and you got a really immersive game right there.

    P.S.: a little something for those who know what I’m talking about, a little reminesence:

  • **I do like the idea of just sharp sounds being audible, and definately an epic score of somekind in the background… That is pure gold.

    An intuitive health system sounds cool, but I personally think if that is to be introduced it should be under a different setting like. “Hardcore mode.” - That could be enabled server-side.**

  • I like the idea of not having stamina and hp bars, it feels more realistic.
    Health should be done like other fps games by red glow at the edge of screen, and stamina with sound.
    If bars are already implemented, there should be hardcore mod like in cod.

  • I agree, this should be server-side toggle-able and an option for a player to remove it entirely regardless if the server has it toggled on or off.
    As for blood I don’t really like that onscreen bright red I would like to see a more blacking out fade around the edges to entitle low hp and / or the aftershock from a explosion near your character. With a possible hint of a very dull blackened red.

  • Or instead of effects on screen edge, the whole screen could become more and more blurry, dizzy, Tho’ I admit, this would make a bit harder for players with low-lvl to defend themselves against the following incoming attacks… but also, would make the game more cooler.

  • Well, yes that is essentially my meaning, however you have to start from edge else you have no focal point… If the whole screen were the same effect and opacity then you would be making for some dull / unrealistic meaning

    Basically Battlefield Bad Company 2 did a great job in terms of on screen effects it really made an impact on game play but not just in a general manner for every player but respective for every class (sniper would have a hard time aiming correctly) (assault would have a hard time differentiating terrain from enemies) and that same concept can be manifested in a similar manner longbow to knight.

    Basically I rather feel as if I am more disadvantaged if hurt rather than a small effect that is easy to adapt to on the battlefield - In terms of on screen visuals.

  • I’m in favor of less HUD clutter, but completely removing it isn’t the solution. Video Games by nature don’t provide the information human being can collect naturally through experience, so the Heads Up Display gives us this information as a substitute. Games like Call of Duty or Battlefield have a different pace than Chivalry, so they can pull of a near HUDless experience without skipping a beat.

    Chivalry however can’t do this, because stamina is effected by so many things it’d be exhausting to have to track it completely through audio-visual cues. Health is similar but in a different way.

    Therefore its safe to say that Chivalry will in fact have a Heads Up Display.

  • Developer

    Enable/Disable at your leisure. We will be having visual/auditory cues for those who chose to play without.

  • @Tibberius:

    Enable/Disable at your leisure. We will be having visual/auditory cues for those who chose to play without.

    From the horses mouth, folks.

  • can the stamina cues (or clues hurrrrrrrr) be heard by nearby players (enemy or otherwise) i do like the honourable feeling you get when you are dueling someone and both of you break off from the fight just to regen stamina and mutually say “thanks!” or hurl insults at each other from a safe distance.

    also on the new website i can change my nickname whenever I want, but yet it only seems apply’s there not here D: HEYULP!

  • Developer

    Yes you will be able to hear when your opponent is tiring so you know when to push the pace and break him.

  • Will we be able to set HUD options in servers, or will it be something that each player can change at will?

  • Developer

    Will be client side stuff as everyone has their own preference.

  • With Red Orchestra 2, there’s a tactical view feature where you hold down T to view additional HUD information. This works very well, giving you the option to view extra information when necessary to you without having a constantly cluttered screen.

  • @Scorp:

    With Red Orchestra 2, there’s a tactical view feature where you hold down T to view additional HUD information. This works very well, giving you the option to view extra information when necessary to you without having a constantly cluttered screen.


    I would really really like this. I prefer to play (AoC) with objective indicators and minimap disabled so there’s less visual clutter, but when playing a capture map with multiple objectives, when one gets taken I’d really like to be able to bring up objective indicators/map on the fly to see where it’s headed. Or if I wanted to take a quick look at the map in a fight to see if any teammates were coming to help, etc.

  • Developer

    All of our hud items will have three settings:

    • Always Visible
    • When Relevant
    • Never Visible

    When relevant means they will fade in and out when objectives change or you take damage etc. For objective icons you can also toggle them ingame already with V.

  • “When Relevant” sounds like it will suit me !

  • Yeah, sounds pretty good.

    Will there be a minimap toggle, though? I’m starting to consider that one more important the more I think about it.

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