Hey devs

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    Some anti semitic comments that are better left unseen.

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  • @Manlytears:

    I sure would love a refund on this terrible game if you won’t fix the bugs and broken votekick system constantly abused by mad sad nerds then the least you could do is refund my money you scammed off me.

    If I had known this game would be even worse than War of Roses I wouldn’t have wasted my hard earned money on this terrible indie game.

    If I wanted to pay for an Alpha I would have paid that shitty jew Notch for a copy of Minecraft years ago.

    I am sure glad you made the votekick system so awkward to use that the only people who waste their time getting it to work are sperg lord virgins.

    This is what I get for paying for a UT3 mod I guess sigh.

    Comma would help.

  • Someone’s mad because they’re bad.

    And they already said fixing bugs is top priority and will be the first patch before any content updates.

  • With that attitude it’s no wonder you’re being votekicked.

    If you want a refund, go through Steam support.

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