Hail from above!

  • **It’s truly staple Hollywood cinema here, and ofcourse had historical integrity, but i’d like to suggest a moment in the game or map where you have to raise your shield (crouch and look up with it blocking) to the heavens as arrows rain down from the sky.

    … Or something to that extent. - I think I saw it says 64 player multiplayer, which if that’s the case… Then this could be viable if each side groups archers up in say a 8+ men squad and ‘arch’ their arrows across the battlefield down onto their foe.

    I imagine it would be hard to implement, and hard to pull off too (unless some sort of guidance system was enabled for the archers, like a drop arrow to where it might land.)

    But I just wanted to throw that idea out there. No expectations ofcourse, i’m not sure it’s a viable idea as archer numbers for one is likely going to be weak, and likely a second system of delivery (mouse 2?) for the archer would have to likely be used… But now I think of it. If you shoot an arrow upwards and stay in that same spot, and it lands back down on you, that would allow for some great intuitive shots… Maybe you wouldn’t need a guidance system if you can see where the arrows land. (fire arrows on occassion?)

    Good huntin’.**

  • Should be possible to an extent… crouch + blocking has always been possible in AoC… Projectile classes are being redone in C:MW so arcing shots will certainly be a new factor unlike the AoC system. Only variable that will apply is the range extent of arc and distance and if a bit too far for an average C:MW map it can (possibly) be rebalanced for those multipliers or just used in a player-made map that is larger than the average C:MW map.

    So in conclusion this will be more than likely possible, maybe a tactic used a lot for competitive play.
    As for markers that display where arrows land on a battlefield to how you position yourself / use your weapon I would say downright no. Just really irks me to make it that easy and remove skill from aiming shots in coherence to predicting enemy movement.

  • Some kind of off-map scripted hail of arrows event on some map would be pretty epic. But also pretty biased against classes without a shield who would just be instantly killed by it :D

  • I could see some maps that spawn a squad of AI archers. :archb:

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