Poll: Do you prefer third or first person view?

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  • I find first person to be more challenging, engaging, and immersive. There quite honestly shouldn’t be a third person at all, and from the reviews I saw before buying the game I thought there wasn’t supposed to be.

  • I pretty much only play in first, but I think it’s fun to play in third sometimes as a change of pace. I don’t mind that it exists, and I’m very glad it’s a toggle option for every server/

  • I personally don’t think first person is more challenging, unless you don’t manually change the Field of View setting in the video options at least to >110. Otherwise it’s like looking down a tunnel. I use first person almost exclusively, it’s far easier to parry and stab.

  • 3rd person, overhead view (as in not to the left or right) for melee. First person for archer.

  • I vary depending on classes.

    I do get a kick out of using 3rd person (over right shoulder I guess, it’s the first one after hitting ‘p’) when playing as a knight with a grand mace. I just like walking slowly with a grand mace towards enemies as if to give them the suspense of waiting for their utter doom :)

  • When I first started learning the game, I found 3rd person quite helpful. Now I play exclusively in 1st person. Yes, the situation awareness isn’t as great and sometimes in a group fight I get overwhelmed by 2 enemies from different directions, but the precision of my strikes tend to allow me to gather more heads and keep my own longer in most fights.

  • For duels with exceptionally skilled players, first person only. Timing parries is simply far easier, as well as feinting.

    For normal games, especially Team objective, third person is far more important. My skill level is sufficient that I can handle killing most players even without the enhanced precision and field of view that first person offers. But, I also get more awareness of potential flanks. Simply put, third person reduces accuracy and precision but offers you more information.

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