More accurate damage model!

  • Hi @ all!

    First i have to say that i really really love the game. This intense feeling of getting close to your enemy and chop him down is just awesome!!!

    But i think a better damage model would be great, it seems a little bit unaccurate…
    I dont know if its possible, but it would be great if the enemy gets the damage right where my blade hits him… example: hit his hand, his hand falls off… would be really great!

  • that would be totally awesome ! :)
    maybe when your had gets chopped off, go on fighting :D

  • i think this would add some spice to the already spicy gameplay…

  • There are limits to what game developers can do. It’s not easy to do something THAT accurate to what you’re describing.
    I’m perfectly happy with what we’ve got. :)

  • That’d be really hard to do, but I think sometimes blood decals appear on enemies precisely where you cut. I slashed this guy across the chest with my dagger the other day and there was a huge bloody cut tracing where I hit him.

  • i know it`s very difficult, i just wanted to know if its even possible…

  • @KalterPopel:

    i know it`s very difficult, i just wanted to know if its even possible…

    Sure it’s possible. Realistically? No. With the Unreal Engine? Not sure, doubt it. It’d be so resource intensive that I doubt that it would be manageable.

  • Many many many years ago, Soldier of Fortune had this technology, the current hit boxes are too lenient… I almost always headshot, but even if i didn’t 2 strikes is usually all it takes, 3-4 for a knight

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