Game mode idea

  • I would like to see a 32 or 64 player objective mode consisting of about 5 waves/phases. Last team standing style.

    it could be set on an open field with a relatively narrow space in which each team begins in formation facing one another. Something like the large war scenes in braveheart. Each side simply charges into each other for an all out brawl. The winning team then respawns in a more forward position, losing team loses ground. This could repeat as many times as necessary until one team reaches the opposing teams castle. At this point, Que the seige weapons, knock down the gates/climb the walls and kill their King/Queen.

    it would basically look something like this…. … 758216.jpg

    No need for pushing carts or anything like that. Just all out hack and slash until the last man is dead.

  • The bad with chivalry is that it is realy difficult to create formations , especially with shield (like the tortoise).
    The first reason is bad communication between players
    the second reason : When fightning in formation it is really easy to hit team members that way.(maybe if they fix the thing that weapons come through persons without killing them and then hits another man which they pass through doing him also damage without killing him).(I mean they should fix the cleave thing, if you do not kill the one you hit, the move stops )
    third: Bad sychronization between players. Which means players can hardly MOVE in formations

  • Well if you find a server with people who want to make formations, lines, play with tactics etc… then it should be pretty easy to create those things (and fun).

    But most of the time no one will listen and they will just charge in alone so idk.

    I would love to see something like that too though.

    It would be more epic with the commander shouts and the horns this game has.

    Like you spawn in a formation, you shouldnt be able to move until your commander tells you to do so. You hear him boosting your teams morale and stuff and then he finally shouts something like “FOR AGATHA; CHAAAAARGE!” and you hear the warn horns

    Maybe a player could spawn as the king or general and those sounds will come from him. But the general should be able to move a little bit, limited area.

  • yea i wasn’t suggesting that everyone had to stay in some kind of formation. Just a map/mode where everyone spawns in a big block formation. Then when the game begins you all just charge down a hill head on with the enemy. At which point, Things will inevitably spread out a bit. Sure, some TK’s will occur in such a densely populated battleground. This was probably the case in the real wars anyway.

    It plays out real fun in my head. Hopefully as time goes on and more competitive play develops, such scenarios can be organized and or mod tools/custom maps, will allow for these things to be created by the players.

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