Mouse Stops Working

  • I’ve had several instances tonight where my mouse will stop tracking movement. I can still attack and block, but I cannot move my reticule on screen. It will come back sometimes, and I’m not sure why.

    The menus operate fine and pressing esc or ma and opening up a menu and exiting doesn’t seem to help the issue.

  • If you have a wireless mouse, it’s your batteries. If not, then maybe the mouse is on the blink?

  • Upon further investigation I have more information. It appears to stop tracking if I am cheering when the round ends/new one starts. I have managed to clear this bug by cheering again in the new round.

  • That is a pretty hilarious fix. [edit: now you’re in my sig :P]

  • same problem, same solution. Started when controls reset to default this weekend.

  • I have the same problem (which seemed to begin a couple days ago), but I don’t think it has the same cause (I never cheer- I seldom have reason to ;) )

    I have noticed two different types of mouse failures:

    1. Mini-freezes that last less than a second. Motion control then resumes (but I am frequently dead by that point).

    2. Longer freezes that completely lock up the mouse even after I minimize the game, and require a complete reboot of my computer.

    I’ll post my system specs after I get home

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