Where can i find a good clan?

  • so here it is. i mainly play pc games but my friends that live in the same town as i do dont really like playing on pc’s, they mostly like playing on consoles. since i live in a small town there arent alot of pc gamers here. so what ive been wondering is, is there maybe a forum i could go to that advertises guilds or clans? what im specifically looking for in a clan is that they mainly play this game plus some RTS games aswell because out of any genre i love RTS the most. is there anyone who knows of such a guild or something like it? or maybe a place where i could find guilds or clans to look at.

    p.s. i did look in the clan selection forums on here and i did find a clan to my liking but until i hear back from them im going to still be looking

  • i did look there and i did find one clan to my liking but until they respond back to me with a answer im going to be still looking.

  • You have your reply, and thanks fro the interest.

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