Some actual good ranked servers

  • Suggestions?

    HoH \ House of Hlaalu #1 \ LTS Ranked \ <-
    HoH \ House of Hlaalu #2 \ DUEL Ranked 1vs1 or BAN \ Hlaalu.
    HoH \ House of Hlaalu #3 \ Ranked \ <- 1v1 Arena #1 Rank below 10 1v1 Arena #2 Rank 10 to 25 1v1 Arena #3 Rank 25+++
    PGP Chivalry - EU|Classic
    PGP Chivalry - EU|LTS

    Added some addresses to the list, if anything’s incorrect or some information has to be adjusted (or deleted) send me a PM or notify it in this thread.


  • @Pilgore:

    Okay, so I have been playing this game non-stop I am loving it. But, without trying to sound cocky or pretentious, my opponents are to easy a lot of the time. Or, people don’t like to play fair and just do what ever the fuck they want. Or people not abiding by the rules on duel servers. In short, people that don’t really care in playing competitively. I would really like to make a short list here with servers where people actually care, and want to play fair. Because so far it’s been pretty hard to find some good servers for me.


    Servers: …

    Try finding a clan server, I know a few clans have multiple servers coughRKcough, they’re usually the more skilled servers you can come across. Vanquish (Vq.|) has two servers, I’ve seen TEK, Lg |'s servers on the list, though I haven’t frequented them.

    If you’re EU, I can’t really tell you much about their competitive scene aside from RK |, they’re a bunch of skilled guys, and quite helpful too.

  • Thanks, I’ll look em up.

  • cough KiLa Thunderdome Server cough

  • Whats the password for the Rk duel servers?

  • The House of Hlaalu duel server is very strict. There have to be admins(HoH members) online though. I, personally do not give out a second warning and perma ban. Don’t read, don’t play. :p

    As you can see these are hosted in the UK. Server #3 might change once in a while. Used for clan wars a lot. #1 and #2 are 24/7 public though.

    See you around.

  • Hey, hosts duel servers for all rank leves, you should check em out:

  • You guys shoud leave some IPs. I can’t find some of these in the server browser. Also it should be noted what coast it is on. I will not play on any servers that aren’t on the east coast of canada and a part of the continuous USA. Like a clan that is good in europe doesn’t concern me because of the ping difference.

    Playing this game at 250 ping is much different than playing at 30-120

  • Europeans might be interested in checking out the PlayGround Players (PGP) servers.

    PGP Chivalry - EU|Classic

    PGP Chivalry - EU|LTS

    I hope these addresses are up to date, just got it from their homepage. I get my ass handed to me quite often when I’m there and it’s usually good fun.

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