Unobtainable Achievements

  • Perhaps I’m OCD but I have two quests left to do and I cannot complete them. These achievements are “Heads on a platter” and “Siegemaster.” Is there any way to complete them or use the console to just cheat them so I can get 100%? ^^

  • Unfortunately, these achievements ceased to function post CR2 and are now not attainable.

    I wouldn’t worry too much, Chivalry not too far from the horizon and will provide you with a lot more achievements :D

  • Nice, thanks for the question and answer, i was wondering about those unattainable too

  • I’ll keep these in mind. Are there any other unobtainable achievements?
    I can’t help but be an achievement junky, as they actually if you don’t sacrifice too much combat effectiveness, can actually act as training in a way. As you can actually pick up some things to better your form.

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