Server Config help…

  • I found a few “plugins” or “mutators” that I would like to try on our server. We have a rented server so uploading the files is not an issue but the instructions are to add ‘?Mutator=xxxxx.xxxxxMut’ to your command line. Normally if I had a local server that is easy but most rented servers do not allow access to the command line. SO…. I was wondering if there was an ini or location to place these mutator commands?

  • Just leave the server alone and play it normal?

  • I am assuming that you have never run a server, let along a clan server and see no need for an admin plug or maybe running advertisements in chat for your clan like; Team Speak server info, changing how the chat works in game. How about word bubbles over players that are typing, showing damage stats that you give and receive, player ranking plugins so that players can see where they rank in the server? So until you have something helpful and technical to add, how about you STFU. Thank you for playing……

  • I’m not sure who you are renting from, but our clients are able to submit support tickets about this kind of stuff and we respond quickly and make the changes to the command line. We actually just pushed out a new update for our GameCP showing a lot more information about your server. We hope to provide a way to change specific command line variables in the future. So I guess submitting a ticket to your current provider is the best way to go?

  • That maybe the route I have to go. The main problem is the huge lack of knowledge about the UDK engine, configs, and servers. Trying to figure out which server cvar to change out of 671 cvars in one INI file is ridiculous, then add the huge number of INI files to choose from is also a pain in the ass. If you even look at some of these INI files, there are redundant settings called baskets and to top it off there are a shit ton of mobile settings that I am sure apply to mobile phone settings but this game runs bad enough on most PCs why would there be mobile phone settings? Point being much like the maps being poorly designed, poorly optimized(visually look pretty but if you noclip around you will see way too much hidden crap that still gets rendered that you would never see from any angle=poorly optimized), much of the game config seems to suffer from the same poor optimization. Add to this the void of people that know anything about setting up and running an UDK server, huge lack of admin tool kits or external admin abilities, makes this a very hard game to support.

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