Graphic lag + lowend puter = solved UPDATE: It may work,,,

  • UPDATE Nov 10th
    Some of this fix may still work for some people. While the cvar “scale lowend” has been removed from the suggestive text, my testing shows that it still can be enabled even though the console doesn’t confirm it. The same is true with “scale highend”

    The cvar “Viewmode unlit” only works in single player or on your own server and not when you join a multiplayer server as you will get an error message that your game differs from the server.

    Again try these at your own risk, but if you are one of the many that cannot currently play this and you cannot afford a few hundred dollars upgrading your PCs, give them a try as you have nothing to loose.

    <<<udpate>>> Well this did work till the latest patch/hotfix/steam update or what ever happened on NOV 4th. The latest patch removed the “scale” cvar now my FPS and all those I helped, is totally FD up, Thanks Devs!

    Do not attempt any of these fixes. They broke the game.

    Test this at your own risk

    Ok I have found a tweak that may help low end computers that are having fps drops and or low FPS. You will still have some lag on a full 34 player server but at least this tweak will help. Yes it will take away a lot that makes the game visually stunning but would you rather play or be visually stunned?

    Do this before and after testing, to show your FPS in game type this in console: stat fps

    First off, turn down every graphic setting to it’s lowest with the exception of resolution, to 800x600. (the lowest resolution is just horrid with chat text)

    Second, type this into console; scale lowend What this does is turn off hidden graphic settings that are not available in the graphic settings menu.

    Third, test. Then go back and slowly turn stuff back up to your liking.

    To undo, type scale highend and reset your graphics in the Chiv menu.
    Last ditch effort settings…

    If all of that did not help then there is this last ditch effort that will get you great fps but make the game look like Age of Chivalry. The command is; Viewmode unlit

    This will take away most lighting and shadows from the game. I have not tested this in multiplayer but I did test it against a lot of bots and got constant 62fps on almost every map.

    Well that is it, I hope it helped you guys with slower computers and low graphics cards. So far I this has helped about 4 guys with FPS lag. Feel free to post up your results.</udpate>

  • Edit: Whoop, none of that was needed. Thank you OP for this thread!

  • If for some reason you are still having issues and cannot get back to default settings go into C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config and delete the UDKSystemSettings.ini file and restart the game. Let the game rebuild the INI file. You will have to reset your keys and other settings but you will be at default settings.

    More tweaks to follow if I can find them.

  • Wait, so do these fixes STILL work or not? If they work at all I will buy the game. D:

    Edit: I had a friend test it out. Apparently ‘scale lowend’ does still work and scale things… Well then.

  • I cannot be sure that it will work on every computer and that every computer will run it more smoothly after the tweak. My testing shows that the basic cvar still works even though there is no confirmation in the console. I am still probably going to drop $100+ on a new graphics card but everyone is still having lag issues on full servers and certain maps. so there is a good chance I will be wasting money just so I can play this game.

    While nocliping one map there is a fully rendered ship floating below the map… just an example of piss poor lazy map making adding to the FPS lag already created with all the flash and trash of stuff like animated trebuches that really have no function like they did in AOC other than environmental eye candy.

    Anyway, let me know if the tweak works for you. You can test you FPS before and after the tweak by typing “stat fps” in console. I hope it helps you.

  • Update: Dec 31, 2012

    The “scale lowend” seems to create an error in that “changes in the console are not allowed in mulitplayer”. After getting a better graphics card, there was virtually no difference in game and still having graphical lag issues on full servers so I tried this tweak again but since the last patch, it no longer works in multiplayer games. I will be testing to see just what setting is not allowed if I can find it. Sadly, again you should not have to do all this tweaking just to get a game to run at an acceptable level if everything is with in specs.

  • Thank you sir! My potato went from 8 fps in scrims and large servers to around 50. I did all the tricks from every thread i could find lol. It does look extremely fugly though, like i would consider AOC to have superior graphics……sniffle i miss aoc

  • Would you please upload a screenshot to see the differences after doing this? It would be very helpful for people who can’t decide or are afraid of doing this and I’m sure it would convince people to give it a go :)

  • @Phlint95:

    Thank you sir! My potato went from 8 fps in scrims and large servers to around 50. I did all the tricks from every thread i could find lol. It does look extremely fugly though, like i would consider AOC to have superior graphics……sniffle i miss aoc

    Awesome! glad to hear it. You can start to turn up some of the settings in the main menu till you find a nice balance between playability and better graphics. Personally, I dont play in servers with anything more than a 24 player cap if I can help it, just too laggy.

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