Loose Content

  • Does Chivalry support loose content? Mayhaps that is not the right term for it. What I mean is if I redid one of the in game textures and put it in a special directory structure in the Chivalry directory, will it read that over the one that is packed into the cooked .upk assuming that the name was the same?

    P.S. the flail looks awesome and I can’t wait to use it! And I can’t wait to kill Malric either. Damn rebels

    I hope this isn’t the case now that I think about it as it would allow for invisible wall textures and bright character textures… that’s no bueno. I just wanted to see how some things looked in game.

  • Woah wait, where did you see a flail and Malric?

  • @plaze2:

    Woah wait, where did you see a flail and Malric?

    They’re in the AOC.upk.

  • I have to ask you. Is Malric a DUDE like the Agatha keep shouting.

    ps. I know it’s actually “Malric is Doomed”, but I mishear it so many times. :D

  • Hahaha yeah I hear the same thing. MALRIC IS A DUDE!!!

    “It” looks like a dude, but clothing may be covering something up??? :?

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