More Anti-Hacker support needed IMMEDIATELY

  • This game seriously needs more anti-hacker support. It is completely unacceptable in this day and age to not have better tools to kick and/or ban hackers from servers. This should not be something that falls strictly into the hands of an admin, when half the time an admin is not present.

    Rather than allowing your game to be ruled/ruined by hackers, you should give the players more tools to report, kick, ban, or ANYTHING that actually empowers the players, rather than the current set of nothingness that you offer.

    Why am I unable to display a list of players in the console menu? Why am I unable to votekick or voteban? I understand there is a votekick command, but it can be disabled in a server. Clearly, that means the admin is an idiot, but otherwise, we should at least be able to display a list of players, and then have a report function available to us. Even if it comes down to just being able to report that player to Steam, at least that’d be SOMETHING.

    As it currently stands, players are impotent when it comes to fighting back against hackers. All a hacker has to do is change their name anyway, and you can’t even look up the guy to report him.

    Fixes suggested:
    Have a console command to display the list of players in the server. Have it display both ingame name, and steam name. Add a Steam ID to that list.
    Give us an easy way to make a video of this player, and then a way to upload that video.
    Easy votekick/voteban options. If the admin is completely stupid he can disable this, but that’s up to him if he wants to make his server hacker friendly.

    It’s too much to ask for you to make your game hack proof, since a dedicated hacker will always find a way to hack a game, or anything really. But if nothing else, at least give us the tools to combat them.

  • Developer

    No voteban. Votekick, if enabled in a server, doesn’t require a player name to be entered (it will list everyone in the server). It will be added to the scoreboard at some point.

  • I think voteban would be completely exploited, and used more often than a votekick would, against players that may or may not even deserve a kick. The games I’ve played, that hackers have entered, said hackers get votekicked straight away and if they return, they’re votekicked again… I can’t imagine the experience would be much fun for them at all.

  • In addition to what CrustaceanSoup said about the votekick option, you can already view a list of the players in your current game through Steam - just open the Steam client and on the toolbar click “View” -> “Players”; this allows you to find the players not just in your current game but any recent games as well, so you can grab their steam profile and report them here. If you could provide video evidence, that would be best.

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