Help for newbie - controls customization and basic questions

  • Hi there :)

    I got my Chivalry copy today and went through training so far, to grasp some basics.
    I’m left handed so I’m holding the mouse in the left hand and using right for the keyboard -> arrow keys. And I can’t decide about the keys layout. Do you use the standard keys for strikes for example? (mouse wheel)

    Oh and what would be a relatively easy class to play first? I watched some videos of this guy … ature=plcp and MAA seems fun class but I’m not sure if it’s noob friendly enough ;)


  • Knight or vanguard to start.

    Knight with a big 2handed sword or shield + mace.

    Vanguard with… any of the 2 handed primary weapons. The pole arms are probably the easiest with a big sword a close second.

  • Hmm a tricky one, I’m a lefty myself but I do a lot of things right handed too such as using the comp and Archery. Perhaps try mirroring the right handed style? RMB for slash, LMB for block? I suppose it’s really what you prefer.

    MAA is a relatively difficult class to play if you’re new to the game, as you really rely on evasive techniques and capitalising on your opponent’s mistakes - if you don’t know every single mistake a player can possibly mistake, it’s a bit harder to capitalise on them. My advice would be to take Vanguard or Knight, but for the love of god, don’t fall into the trap of spamming slash only because a lot of new players do that. In fact, consider practicing with stab or overheads only at first (depending on the weapon, check my signature for a damage chart) and use slash very sparingly, or if you’re fighting multiple enemies, or as a quick, final attack.

  • I just realised there isn’t a lefty flip, for first person models etc… I guess that would mean making new models for all of the characters. Poor lefties :P

  • Would lefties default to swing a sideways chop from left to right?? Darn southpaws!!

  • I’m pretty sure you can mirror animations in the UDK, I’ve never bothered to actually read much into it though, it might even be something that has to be considered from the very beginning of the project to mirror easily enough. Either way, it’d be time spent on something that is not as useful nor valuable than on something else actually worth an update.

  • Well, mirroring could give a new depth to the game - you start attack from the other side so the time and range is different for attacks - faster you hit enemies closer to your left and takes more time for the weapon to swing to the rightmost side. Now imagine tactics - shall i be right or left handed to duel my enemy? flank him from which side? But I dont think this is possible to be done in real time without additional keys or redesigning whole gameplay to be more like M&B mix with current combat.

  • Ok, I unlocked myself a Norse sword. I like its speed.

    1.Is this sword good enough to use as a main weapon?

    2. Should I use it with a shield? (which one?) Because so far I was wielding it without any shield to not slow down myself. But don’t know if it works that way in Chivalry, just a common sense assumption.

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