[Request] FAQ/guide for map makers

  • Hey!

    I’ve seen the same questions been asked here a couple of times and the answers are scatered in many different threads and are hard to locate. I think it would be a great idea to have one thread where people could find answers to these questions in the first post and maybe ask some more in that same thread.

    Here are some questions that i’ve seen:

    What version of UDK should I use?

    What is the scale of a CMW character model? (I understand this is different from a regular UDK charater)

    When will the CMW toolkit be released?

    Will you release the game assets to the public aswell?

    It would also be very nice to see a tutorial on how a very simple CMW map is made and published. The map itself could just be a simple plane with a couple of objects, lights and spawning points for both teams. I for one would just like to see how difficult it is to get a really simple CMW map working.

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