Open Beta?

  • I have been gone for a little while, Today is the first time I have been on the forums in months. But I noticed the new screen shots and the game is looking fantastic. I also noticed the Alpha testing meter. So when the Alpha testing is done, Will there be some sort of open beta before release?

  • This is what I’m hoping for. I NEVER get chosen for closed betas, so I don’t even bother signing up for them. But I really hope for an open beta that can give everyone a taste of what is to come. I think they should do maybe 1-2 more closed betas, then at the end of the year release an open beta for a month or two.

  • Tibberius said that there is no official full release date set, but he, and others on the team are hoping to get an open beta out by the end of the year.

  • We plan to hope to reach a beta-state by the end of this year. However, we have not yet decided whether it will be an open or closed beta. I wouldn’t count on an open beta though. Sorry :(

  • Quite simply, certain criteria has to be met before we can even begin this discussion as to what type of and how many betas will be available. As we near the end of Alpha, we’ll update you guys more on what the plans are, but nothing is concrete yet is what I’m saying.

    Would definitely love to see an Open Beta myself though :D

  • I’d love to have an open beta as well :D
    In the end, Doesn’t matter if there will be an open beta or not. I will still buy it, Loved Age Of Chivalry, I’m sure I will love this one too.

  • Take as long as you can, guys. :)

    Another game was released recently called Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad and all of the beta testers told them to push the release date forward to the following year as there were lots of bugs, but the team felt under pressure by the public so they released it. It started out with a lot of bugs, and most of them have gone now, but it recieved negative press very early on, which isn’t good!

    TL;DR, take your time with polishing the game.

  • @Rukus:

    Tibberius said that there is no official full release date set, but he, and others on the team are hoping to get an open beta out by the end of the year.

    Hope, I do have this.

  • As do I man. I’m gagging for it like a brighton prozzy. :D

  • @Lazaeroth:

    As do I man. I’m gagging for it like a brighton prozzy. :D


  • @Krax:


    As do I man. I’m gagging for it like a brighton prozzy. :D



  • I’d rather have an open beta than a closed beta thanks. Let all of us have a chance to try out the game? :D.

  • I don’t know that I like this open beta idea; I’m really relishing this getting to play the game before everyone else bit, and I’d like to keep holding this over you guys for a while longer. In fact, do you ever NEED to release the game?

  • Well you’ve already got to test the game comon now let us test it, don’t be selfish Lol.

  • What about a semi-open Beta? Have the Beta available to download only for a certain number of people (say 100), and after that the download is not available…or have the download up for only two or three days before it’s taken down, and if you didn’t download it while there was still room, or while there was still time, you didn’t get into the Beta?

    Probably a dumb idea, but that would allow you to control the number of people in the beta, and still accept a diverse number of players.

  • Wow. I think closed beta would be counter-productive… No offence, but it’s not like this game is well known and highly sought after, I don’t think limiting the influx to the beta will help sales, simply because the game drips of quality, and it deserves to be seen! Getting as many people interested in this game would be productive… Spread the love.

  • I have to agree with Lazaeroth.

  • Only AOC veterans , people who understand the core of Chivalry game should be in the closed beta . You cant expect from someone who plays the game of this type for first time to give right opinion or to test something good . I think short closed beta is essential , before releasing game to the public . But still , advanced game mechanics could look strange to veterans too :)

  • In regards to Lazeroth’s point I think the determining factor of whether they should have an open beta or not depends on what they intend that to accomplish. Your post seems to infer that an open beta would draw in a lot of potential customers and generally get the word out about the game. That is quite likely what would occur, but I’m not sure that’s what the developers would want to accomplish with a beta testing phase.

    The way I see it a closed and an open beta would be best. A closed beta should come first to hammer the game into what the developers want it to be. Like 387 suggested, the devs could choose AoC veterans to get informed feedback regarding how Chivalry improves (or doesn’t) on AoC’s mechanics. Then in open beta they should solicit feedback from the masses and fine tune the experience in a way to appeal to their target audience.

  • How Can i Be Alpha Tester?

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