FFA and archers

  • I just got to ask, people who camp as archers on FFA server, what is the fun in that? I’m definitely a duelling person (even though I’m terrible at the game) and I had a go at FFA tonight expecting a bit of carefree hack-n-slash fun but it was abysmal. Utterly spoiled by archers camping and spawnkilling, I just dont know what pleasure these players get from it.

  • Once I played archer in FFA and got 1 shot 60% of the time I spawned. Then I unlocked warbow and never went back.

  • This archer hatred is getting cliched and annoying. :|
    I only played as an archer for a short time and then gave up because I found it frustrating since for each hit you have like 10 misses. Even though I, a wimpy MAA, often fall victim to archers I actually have high respect for people who have the patience and tolerance for frustration to play an archer. It’s not exactly a class you would choose for many kills and quick glory. I rarely see archers in the top ranks of any game. I think you need to be really skilled to get a good K/D ratio as an archer.

    And archers in FFA? Come on. They’re practically cannon fodder! I rejoice seeing an archer in FFA, especially in the arena because I know they make an easy kill. As a MAA it’s easy to dodge their arrows when going up straight towards them. As a knight, use a shield. As a Vanguard, kill/interrupt them with throwing axes. Then finish them off with a strike or two while they try to switch to their dagger in panic. Then rejoice in the cheap point you just got.

  • lol wtf is op talking about

    I never played against or with any Archer better than myself , but still I never play FFA with a bow. People are spawning all around you m1 spamming 2Hs, it’s not really viable.

    I sometimes play heavy crossbow for the lulz tho, stab some shitters with the thrusting knife and shoot’em when the opportunity comes up.

  • Should have been clearer, they were actually crossbows.

  • @burt:

    Should have been clearer, they were actually crossbows.

    Still shit, unless you are also playing archer they are free farm.

  • FFA in my opinion is just for quick weapon farm, there’s no skill or fun to be found in it. For me it’s a way to gain those last 5-3 kills for a weapon and then on to a new server. As an archer, more often than not I would just find myself focussed 80% of the time, and as someone mentioned earlier, getting one-hit spawn killed 60% of the time.

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