Steam community services down = cannot play game?!

  • I was on a server happily playing away, and then without warning or apparent reason I was dumped back to the main menu.

    Upon further investigation it appears the Steam community services (cloud, friends list, etc etc) are offline for my region atm (UK).

    Is this really the case?
    Does the game really have such a high dependency upon Steam’s community services?!?

    If so, I find this design choice utterly ridiculous.

    My client is still running.
    The servers are still running.
    That is all that should matter.

    I should… nay, MUST be able to play without relying upon access to the shoddy & unreliable Steam community services.

    More troubling is the reliance upon the same services for providing the master server listings too. This needs to change.
    The master server should, above all else, be reliable. Without the master server nobody* can play.

    (*unless they have access to another server listing source, and know their way around the console.)

    Please consider:

    • relaxing the requirement for clients to have a constant connection to the Steam community services
    • relocating your master server host to something reliable, not Steam’s shiz services.

  • At least consider a dialog explaining what happens in those situations.

  • It was briefly down here in the US, but it went back up minutes later. I think that Chiv relies on Steam Cloud to store things like weapon unlocks and rank. If Steam Cloud goes down, it can’t reliably track those settings.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that Steam Cloud may be responsible for resetting peoples’ video settings recently.

  • Bump.

    Steam community down again, rendering the game completely unplayable for (I assume) everyone.

    Please reconsider your mandatory reliance upon the steam community services; they’re useless.

  • Developer

    Steamworks services have been having a very troubling month, which has definitely negatively experienced the gameplay experience of Chivalry for many players. The next patch reduces Chivalry’s reliance on Steamworks as a result and every minor hiccup should no longer cause all of the servers to drop. So the issue should get significantly better after the next patch, apologize for any temporary outages in the meantime.

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