VAC Enabled ???

  • My server has VAC=True but when I click on the VAC Required Tab in the server browser my sever disappears from the server list. I have it enabled so I’m not sure what the problem is. Anyone have any Ideas ???

  • How exactly did you enable VAC?

    There is a setting in File

    ```under Section



    It seems to work for me. Servers not showing up can be caused by a bunch of things.
    Go to steam->servers->lan/internet (depends on where your server is located)
    rightclick your server->View server info
    lookup the status of Valve-Anti-Cheat to be sure whether it's enabled or disabled.

  • I never even knew Steam had a server viewer built in. It shows up as secure through the Steam viewer. The Chivalry Server Viewer was just hiding my server when I clicked on VAC Enabled. Maybe it has something to do with it being local. Thank you for the response. The server works fine and people have been joining it, I just wanted to make sure VAC was enabled.

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