Game crashes when attempting to utilize key binding menu

  • I’ve done the [ Verify Integrity of Game Cache… ] via Steam and it didnt report any files missing.

  • Are you using a non standard English keyboard?

  • no it’s a standard keyboard. I have a nostromo N52 game pad though which shows up as a keyboard / joystick of sorts.

    I dont even have to get to any screen actually. just waiting at the title screen the game will randomly minimize with an error message [ Windows Explorer has stopped working ].

    also when I start the game it runs the directX 9 install each time before starting the game.

  • Any problems in other games?

    A dxdiag and crash .dmp file will also help.

  • not sure what I changed that made it stable. I’m changed to running steam as admin and I kicked off the game out of steam from the library.

    been running fine for a while now.

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