• Hey all

    There needs to be a way to change the mouse sensitivity when the archer has an arrow drawn - it automatically slows right down, and for some people, depending on their master sensitivity, or just the way they want to play, it’s such a bad feature if it can’t be changed. Is there a way to do this? Would it have to be edited in the .ini’s or something?

    Also, there’s a small visual error with the arrow choices in the archer weapon selection. The bodkin and broadhead icons seem to be mixed up?

    I’d like to see a different archery crosshair too, but other than these things and maybe some responsiveness problems I really love the game so thanks and hopefully the support stays strong.

  • I’m pretty sure the decreased mouse sensitivity is done on purpose. All the melee weapons have different movement modifiers attached to their attacks. For example, you can move faster during a weapons windup than you can during the actual swing.

    The decreased sensitivity when an arrow is drawn is more than likely this same principle, except applied to ranged weaponry. Although, it does makes a lot more sense on the melee weaponry.

  • Hey, thanks, but I know it’s done on purpose. I’m just saying there’s more reasons that it shouldn’t be or should be changeable imo.

  • I guess it really doesn’t matter when it comes to bows and such, but with the melee weaponry, this kind of freedom could be easily exploitable. You’d start to see helicopters on the battlefield before long.

    I know they are fixing the crosshairs in the next patch, so maybe this will become an option for people who enjoy playing as the Archer.

    You could also dick around with your mouse profile and software settings, if that kind of stuff is even applicable to you. You can script the DPI to jump up when you activate a certain profile, but that’s not really a solid fix.

    I’m no programming wizard, but I’ll check the config when I get home.

  • Yeah, you’re right and I know it’s not something that needs tweaking for melee.
    Just for the archer, the way you want to track players with your aim should be up to you imo.
    Thanks for trying to help.

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