Weapon Attacks

  • 4 words…
    Thrusting with an ace.
    Really? Who would do that? Why add it? I’d much prefer an uppercut or something, anything but a thrust.
    Hate to start my first post on a low note, but this is just silly.
    Thanks for listening to my rant,

  • @SepthSilver:

    Thrusting with an ace.

    I assume that you mean “axe”. Thrusting is the fastest attack making useful for slow things like the double axe. I will thrust on occasion with a one handed attack to get a quick poke in that can interrupt a player’s attack.

    Besides, it was common for 2 handed axes to have a spear head on top for poking.

  • I think he means that it just looks silly, not what the usefulness of it is.

  • I would like to see some “butt hits”, made for knocking back enemies longer distances than a normal attack. These kinds of utility attacks might be as bad as the stabs are now, but they would be pretty damn useful in competitive games when you need to separate enemies from each other or just generally use them for crowd control functions.

  • The pole axe actually does really really good thrust damage and is great for taking out Vanguards. Thrusting with an axe (or any other weapon like a mace) can be useful in very specific situations because it can reach the distance sometimes at a good speed that other swings cannot. It still does some damage so it can still finish off enemies if they’re low enough. They’re very situational.

  • I think he means that it looks rather silly the way the axes uses the edge of the wooden shaft to stab with, could’ve been an other way like they did with weapon_onehandaxe in Age of Chivalry

  • I would also like to see weapons all have 3 useful attacks. Honestly other than the pole axe which has a spike specifically for stabbing, most weapons with weak stabs are never worth stabbing with. The exception to this is the maul because its stab can be used in a combo to finish off a knight, or a VG whos head you missed.

    Some weapons should just have better stabs - the War Axe, Holy Water and Morning Star, because of their spiked nature. It baffles me that the War Axe has that spike on the top but its stab does very low blunt damage. Other weapons need either different animations and better damage values, or new attack types for more utility as mentioned already. It’s offputting to have 3 attacks for every weapon but have a lot of them useless.

  • Hmm, well spears have two different “overhead” attacks so I can agree that all weapons could use that treatment.

  • Also, spear strong stab should be moved to mouse1 and the overhead should be a shove with the handle for creating distance and dealing light damage. Spear slashing is just silly.

  • What the game really needs is a manual left->right, and overhead right->left.

    I’m sure the devs can come up with a good input solution - like binding an attack to middle mouse press, or having Jedi Knight/Dark Messiah strafe modifiers.

  • I’m fully in support of being able to start an attack from either direction, but it doesn’t really fix the problem at hand with certain weapons having attacks that are weak by design.

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