What are your key-bindings?

  • I’m curious about the key-bindings everyone use to play the game. I’ve been using a custom set for awhile, but I feel that there may be room for improvement. Here are my bindings:

    Swing Attack: Left mouse button
    Stab Attack: Mouse wheel up
    Heavy Attack: Mouse wheel down
    Kick/Bash: F
    Parry/Block and Feint: Right mouse button
    Zoom: Thumb mouse button
    Arrow cam: Pinky mouse button
    Sprint: Shift
    Duck: Alt
    Jump: Space
    Dodge: Middle mouse button

    I put parry and feint together for ease of use. Quickly tapping right mouse will allow me to cancel windup and parry an attack if needed. I also intentionally put dodge and the two attacks closely, so a mouse wheel up + press down will instantly send my MAA into a forward lunge stab. It works well with lunge heavy as well, but the setup doesn’t work too well with lunge + swings.

    I usually only place two fingers on top of the mouse, and when I use mouse wheel I’d take a finger off left key. I heard some people use their mice with a “claw grip” or something. Do you place a finger over all three mouse buttons?

  • @GhoXen:

    I put parry and feint together for ease of use.

    That’s what I did, too.
    The rest is pretty standard. I’m playing knight exclusively so I don’t need that many options.

  • Swing Attack: Mouse Wheel Down
    Stab Attack: Mouse wheel up
    Heavy Attack: Left click
    Kick/Bash: F
    Parry/Block: Right click
    Feint: Q
    Zoom: -unscripted-
    Arrow cam: Scroll wheel button
    Sprint: Shift
    Duck: Ctrl
    Jump: Space
    Dodge: Thumb Mouse Button

    Still playing around with them though. This setup doesn’t work for bows or Javs, or at least, you can’t hold a charged bow or Jav. It works great for melee weaponry though and most of the other projectile based weapons.

  • I’m actualy rolling with the defaults.

    I feel like the fit this game the most … I have no idea why, maybe because I played so much Age of Chivalry and it has the same controls for all the attacks.

  • My controls are bound like this.

    Attack 1\Slash = Left Mouse Button
    Attack 2\Overhead = Right Mousebutton
    Attack 3\Stab = E
    Parry\Block = Middle Mouse Button
    Kick\Shield bash = Mouse 4\5 ? Left Mouse Thumb Button

    I prefer absolute control over the randomness of the mousewheel.

  • V use
    E dodge

    I only use MaA if there is to many archers and I don’t use dodge nearly as much as I should.

  • All default except for

    Zoom - Capslock

    Dodge - Alt

    I will probably rebind these and some other things later, idk.

  • I have duck and battlecry swapped. I can never understand people who think pressing ctrl is easier in the heat of battle than pressing c

  • Swing Attack: Right Mouse Button
    Stab Attack: Thumb Mouse Button
    Heavy Attack: Left Mouse Button
    Kick/Bash: Mouse Scroll Up
    Parry/Block and Feint: Q
    Zoom: Thumb mouse button
    Arrow cam: N/A
    Sprint: Shift
    Duck: Middle Mouse Button
    Jump: Space
    Dodge: Mouse Scroll Down

  • Primary attack : Left mouse button
    Secondary attack : Upper thumb button
    Tiertary attack : Lower thumb button (1)
    Parry / block : Right mouse button (2)
    Crouch : C
    Kick / shove : Scroll forward
    Zoom : Lower thumb button (1)
    Feint : Right mouse button (2)
    One-button dodge : scroll backwards

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