Disconnecting my router

  • Hi
    majority of the time when i join a server the game hangs(everbody just runs foward) and it disconnects my wireless router.
    I have forwarded the ports and have no problem with other steam games, about 5% of the time i can get into a game that doesn’t disconnect me so it doesn’t seem like a constant problem.
    i really love this game but its nearly impossible to play so any ideas i could try would be great,
    thank you in advance

  • I have this happen a lot actually. Every hour or so it seems to do this. I haven’t figured out what is causing it, since it didn’t always happen. But the past week has been really bad for me with this issue.

  • so nobody has any advice to offer?
    thats nice 20 quid down the drain :(

  • Does it work with other unreal engine 3 games? Are you playing on wifi or Ethernet into the router?

  • Im using wifi and both borderlands work perfect online.
    I flicked through older posts and tryed everything, not sure what else i can try

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