Toggle run

  • i play with the option that tabbing shift once keeps u in running stance,and u need to tab it again to walk(pressing shift constantly is a pain)but this rly needs alot of work,half the time when u run into something u stop running,but the other half of the time u keep running,same with jumping off stuff,stopping,blocking.

    i dont care wether they keep u in running stance or make u leave running stance when u stop/bump into smthn or whatever as long as they would be consistant.random ending of runningstance is annoying as f.

  • one of many flaws in the game….

  • Dev’s have mentioned that in the new patch there’ll be more keybinding options and bugs sorted, so I guess just be patient. Perhaps for now take sprint off toggle?

  • I play MAA and play with out run toggle. This makes it to where I have like 3 speeds slow, medium (running) and fast (dodging). Its really tough to judge where I am at and people lose track of my speed cause I am changing it up all the time. Its quite effective. Don’t always think that auto-sprint is the only option.

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