Noob Archer

  • I am a noob, I thnk this game is great.
    I play archer as class preference - I am finding a few things
    1:Accuracy - It is really quite tricky to land arrows on a mobile target with latencies and plain bad judgement - which is fine thats pretty damn normal - If anyone has time to share knowledge i would be grateful
    2: Arrow damages - There is no way to tell how much damage you have done and at what ranges affect damge, I realise head>torso>legs scenario is in play - maybe introduce barbed arrow as a damage over time/bleed - also i dont seem to cripple or hinder anyones movement by shooting the legs, hell im sure an arrow to the knee would slow you down real fast IRL.
    3:Melee - I get one shot left right and center I do block some but mostly just die , and cant run away cos plate metal gives you wings, I would like to see somethign like , if you get a stab into the enemy they then should be slowed or dazed [“with a poison tipped dagger”] - thus a chance to escape / kite
    3: I always thought of an archer as a rogue type - I find the character far to slow moving i.e you should be able to kite a heavy armour wearer some distance*, thus thier stamina should be draining faster the longer they sprint to catch you, as to kite back to your group… or something to that effect…
    4:Assists - Some archers are obviously crack hot [ I am not so this may only apply to me]. I try to play an assistive role where as you pick a team mate/s charging forward and you help him plough through the oncoming enemies[without TK’ing your team]. I can go 3-11 in a game but have 20~ assists - which to me is quite crap [everyone likes a nice KDR] , but im playing the role and being helpful - It is only rewarding if the team wins, but then you get nothing for winning, So I would propose that something to be done about assists and also something about W/L - Maybe have a pvp XP bar and some levels and different armor or head tag to promote your level

    *{it seems if you wear plate armour you are invulnerable to arrows and one shot anything slightly squishier also run faster than a non-plate wearer - sometimes it seems melee is a bit spammy}

  • First off, always use bodkin arrows, you’ll 2 and 3 shot any class(usually). In terms of landing those shots, i assume you know basic concepts like leading the target, after that it’s just practise and ‘feel’. Due to chase mechanics you can’t relly disengage from melee. Just parry and stab as normal, but know that if you’re outbumbered chances of survival are much lower. Don’t forget that to block at facehug range you need to aim the block further out.

  • they removed the kiteing ability because its just not fun and slows teh game down. if you could outrun a class, you would win by default.

    you do get a dmg bonus on backstabs, use it. and dont confuse not runnign faster with lesser mobility. teh archer is nimble enough to with the broad dagger, 1v1 a knight and win, i do it all the time just got to learn it.

    alot of people say use bodakain arrows, i dont. they dont reliably kill archers in 1 hit with bodu shots, i prefer to kill them in 1 hit because honestly, a skilled archer really onyl has other archers to fear. i also tend to play in mid range combat, and quite enjoy dagger fighting.

    you can stagger an enemy with the dagger, its fast enough to hit most other weapons during wind up witch can be good. i suggest stab, overhead stab combo. then toss a kick in and stab/oh stab again. you can take a knight out in 3-5 hits (depending on bs or not) the dagger (especially oh stab) is really easy to dead angle behind shileds. when you get heavy classes low with a dagger they get panicy and start making dumb moves. just keep a cool head. dagger also has a small box, so aim for the tip of their weapons for parries.

    in medevil combat archers are not rouges, they are support. mid range combat allows you to do this best. your close enough to reliably fire arrows over allies shoulders to land headshots while their engaged, you back stab means that a distracted enemy engaged with an ally will take alot of dmg if you run up on them. and if you practice enough with melee, you will learn your a force to be reconked with, your weapons are all very fast, which means you can feint out and overwhelm enemies like a pro.

    but you are not a sniper, and you are not a rouge, its a mentality you have to lose.

  • If Kiting with an archer was allowed in this game then melee classes would be complete crap vs archers. Please don’t add suggestions that would make this game more like a crappy first person wow. “Poison dagger slows your speed!!!” I hate that sort of stuff. It takes away from the skill of the game. I’m not saying your suggestions are stupid, just that in a game that to me feels more based around skill to be watered down with stuff like that. Counter-Strike, still one of the most competitive games does not slow down players when they get shot in the knee.

    With all that being said, I urge you to continue trying. Archers and MAA both have very high skill ceilings but they also are quite effective and deadly once you get to that skill ceiling. I’ve been killed by many a good archer that hasn’t had the benefit of slow-poisoned daggers or arrows to my knee.

    Some tips that might help you out slightly.
    1. If you are getting rushed by a melee player pull out your melee weapon WAY before you feel you need too, unless you are absolutely positive you will get that kill with an arrow to his face.
    2. Don’t straight up run away from the melee player. Get a parry and run towards friends but continually turn back and fight the melee player a bit. The chase mechanic will keep you from out running him and getting to friends. Allow your friends to help you out you just have to get to them.
    3. Practice parrying as an archer if you can parry really well you will die a lot less cause you can rely on teammates to save you.
    4. The archer is probably the most team dependent class in the game. You have to realize that. I wouldn’t go as far to say as you are a support class. But in a way you are. You will get a lot of assists. But you can still get kills. Be patient.
    5. The MAA is what I call the flanker class in this game(I almost exclusively play MAA). They love to flank archers and destroy them. You have to know your surroundings really well. Awareness is key for you. If an MAA comes upon you and you still have your bow our you are dead.
    6. Always aim for injured or lightly armored targets. (Basic Tip). And I’ve also heard to aim at the body more instead of the head. Unless they are running right at you or stationary.

    There are some good videos out there that could really help you out too.

  • General rule of thumb - Warbows with Broadheads will usually one-shot Archers/Man-at-arms [Unless you hit them in the legs]. Ignore anything moving around too much and go for players that are easy to hit.

    If you are playing archer for a while then lower your mouse sensitivity. If your mouse sensitivity is too high your cross-hairs could “skip” over what you are trying to aim at. For greater precision strafe to the left/right and crouch before firing.

    And finally, don’t just shoot in your opponent’s general direction because you will most likely not hit anything.

    Don’t use shortbow, it’s outright terrible.

  • Really when you’re starting out just Assist-whore, follow whoever looks like they have a clue on your team and back them up, be that either by shooting at enemies as they fight or if you don’t feel confident that you won’t TK, get in there with your little stabbystabby.

    Whenever you notice an enemy come for you, if you are comfortable with melee, you shouldn’t have issues 1v1’ing, however if it looks like there’s trouble just kite enemies either back to allied archers or teammates.

    I usually stay extremely close to fights and when I get targeted, dash through the melee. Most players will either get distracted by all the other fighting going on and lose interest, or just plain lose you in the mess.

    As a previous poster stated, once you have melee down, you just need to get the ‘feel’ of projectile drop & speed. Use the projectile cam until you can accurately judge shots without it.

  • dONT FORGET YOU CAN ZOOM IN WITH ALT, DO THE TRAINING It helps a little. Practice makes perfect archery is tough, if someone gets close to you switch to your dagger and run to your melee buddies. Sometimes I block once then run or immediately when I get hit from the back. If a player is injured running up to you wait until the last second then when hes swinging give him a arrow to the face.

    Thats all iv learned lol, for me bows are easier.

    This is a melee game think of archery for fun, but you will do better on maps with more ppl as a archer! I say to switch to ur dagger before you run becasue it seems to make you run faster!

  • @Copper:

    General rule of thumb - Warbows with Broadheads will usually one-shot Archers/Man-at-arms [Unless you hit them in the legs]. Ignore anything moving around too much and go for players that are easy to hit.

    Correction: only archers take increased damage from broadheads. Man-at-Arms takes the same damage from either arrow type, and the other classes take less from broadheads. Don’t be surprised if this is alleviated soon though, because I doubt it’s intended.


    This is a melee game think of archery for fun, but you will do better on maps with more ppl as a archer! I say to switch to ur dagger before you run becasue it seems to make you run faster!

    It doesn’t, that’s just a perception bias because knives make you run faster in some games (including early versions of AoC).

    However, you should run around with your melee out anyway, in case you end up being ambushed. I kill a lot of archers who I catch just running around with their bow out, because they usually wont’ be able to swap to melee and parry in time.

  • Thank you very much , very insightful and helpful words of wisdom - I look forward to practising my melee!

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