The game causes my PC to reset. but only this game.

  • Hey there guys, i have a weird problem with chivalry. Whenever i play, i get 2-10 mins in and then my computer resets itsself. no freeze or anything, just power off and on.

    I’ve done everything i could to check my hardware and get it to reset with another game, but it never does. I’ve done a prime 95 for 12 hours, a memtest 86 for 8 hours, and ive played planetside 2, borderlands 2, natural selection 2, saints row and a few other games for what has to be collectivly 15-18 hours now, and not a single problem or reset with anything else i do.I have an OSD that shows my CPU/GPU temps in game, and CPU is around 45, GPU sits around 50.

    I even did a fresh install of windows today, fresh download of chivalry with just the windows updates and drivers for my mouse/headset installed. and no CPU/GPU OC and after 5-10 mins it still auto reset my system. Im really at a loss of what to do… its been about a week now, and without fail chivalry is the only game to do this. im on the verge of just cutting my loss and saying “ahwell, it just wont work”

    My specs are…

    I5 2500k @ 4.5ghz (stock after fresh windows install)
    GTS 580 (stock settings after windows install)
    8gb ram 1333mhz
    Asus P67 sabertooth
    Corsair hx750 PSU

    Sorry for the wall of text, and Thanks for any help :D

  • What about GPU drivers? Updating them can be the fix for some crashes in most games, have you done that? Although to me your problem sounds like when something gets overheated, which is not the case according to those temperatures. I don’t know.

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