Weapon weights taken into account when parrying

  • I feel like the parrying system needs some serious tweaking. Weapon weights need to be taken into account more than they currently are.

    If a maul attacks someone, and they parry with a short sword, or dagger, there should be a larger recovery delay for the guy parrying with the dagger/short sword, or whatever smaller weapon.

    On the flip side, I feel like if a heavier weapon parries an attack, they should have less time needed to recover from the parry, to make a counter attack. As it stands, I find quicker weapons recover so quickly even from being parried that there almost seems to be no point to parrying. It’s better to back off a bit and try to use the longer reach to LMB spam, rather than actually display some skill in parrying.

    You would think if a big, heavy weapon hits someone, and is parried, that the sheer force from the attack would still set the defender off balance a bit.

    On the other hand I could see where a light weapon being parried could still recover quickly, but if you make it too quick there is no point to heavier weapon users parrying smaller weapons.

  • I agree with this in theory, but wonder whether making a tweak like that might break the balancing of the game.

    I’m not saying that it wouldn’t work, but it would need some serious play testing to get the balance right.

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