Testers for mod tools?

  • Dear your Highnesses,

    Will you be needing any of the peasantry to help test the mod tools before unleashing them on the rest of the common folk?

  • I might give it a try if there is a need for testers. I’ve been studying up on UDK and been doing some test trying to figure out a nice workflow for a small arenatype map. I’ve worked out a plan how I would create most of the landscape outside of UDK and import the texture and heightmap data and then recreate the shader inside the UDK shader editor (which is absolutely fantastic btw). Here is what I’ve done so far with UDK.

    I did some quick tests with a heightmap based landscape and how I would mix the different textures in the shader. The landscape had some issues where the player would get stuck and then be moved back to the starting location, but this is a minor setback. I figured I just use a different less detailed colision model and then I read that it’s even possible to just reduce the collision resolution inside the landscape preferences. As for mixing the different textures I tried the Linear Interpolation (Lerp) node. This seems like a decent way to layer different texture togheter using a mask for each layer. I know it’s possible to paint textureslayers on the landscape inside UDK, but I don’t want do it that way.

    The only headache with the landscape system is that I haven’t figured out if there is a way to add foliage with the use of masks or some type of density maps. I don’t really want to hand paint everything.

    I also tested out FBX model importing with different LOD levels and this seemed to be a pretty straightforward proccess. Creating game assets would probably be one of the easier steps for me since I work as an 3D-artist and have experience modeling game assets. Lighting and rendering effects also seem nice and far more advanced what Unity 3d has to offer atm.

    Scripting in UDK is still something I haven’t tried or studied. I have done scripting in the Unity 3d engine and even created a testgame with stuff like pathfinding for the enemies and a line of sight visibility system. I do have a plan for a unique gamemode for the map, but for that I’d really like to see the CMW scripts for the different gametypes first.

    Another big question mark is the whole UDK asset browser system and just how levels are published. For example, do I need to worry about having a specific hierachy with the packages and groups in order to make a CMW level?

  • May i have the tools for testing ?

    Want to start an mod and i don’t mind buggy programms :)

  • count me in ;)

  • Adding my +1 for some kind of preview / beta Mod Tools.

  • @ReMixx:

    Dear your Highnesses,

    Will you be needing any of the peasantry to help test the mod tools before unleashing them on the rest of the common folk?

    Who are you talking to?

  • Lol old threads. I’m gonna pull a Kimi and lock this.

  • Pffft, you would start a thread that would get bumped many moons later XP

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