Need help for some settings

  • Hi again, I am kind of a noob with server settings since it’s my first time and i was wondering some stuff.

    First question: Is there a command to set the minimum player needed to get weapon unlocks? Right now it seems it’s stuck at 5 and with my friends we really like to go 1v1 in the server for fun.

    Second question: I saw a decal lifespan option, is there the same for Bodies before they disappear?

    Third question(but i think this one is already a no): Is there a way to change time limit in a server? I searched but could only find negative replies.

    Last question: The server hosters told me that team deathmatch maps are bugued and if i set those maps in my server it could crash right away. Is there people who tested the team deathmatch settings?

    Thanks in advance for your help! May the blood of your enemies drop from your blade like the sands of time.

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