When are you gonna fix your masterserver?

  • Please? Fix it? It’s annoying not to be able to play when I want to.

  • Its steam having problems.

  • @gslashg:

    Its steam having problems.

    I know, but they need to ditch steam and make their own master server.

  • @Tibberius:

    Steamworks services have been having a very troubling month, which has definitely negatively experienced the gameplay experience of Chivalry for many players. The next patch reduces Chivalry’s reliance on Steamworks as a result and every minor hiccup should no longer cause all of the servers to drop. So the issue should get significantly better after the next patch, apologize for any temporary outages in the meantime.

  • Is this happening to all of the Steam games which use a similar master server set up?
    Or is it just Chivalry?

  • All games that use Steamworks rely on Steam’s stability in one way or another.

  • I have a proposition.
    Let’s rename Steamworks to Stinkworks.

  • I think you’d have to take that one to Valve :P

  • @acrh2:

    I have a proposition.
    Let’s rename Steamworks to Stinkworks.

    Its been a long time that steam has been messing up this much, but its allot better since it’s launch. I remember its release in 2003, man it was a horrible program, especially the speed to download was horrible, many people back than were upgrading to faster connections and suddenly with steam it was like downloading with 56k again. :-X.

    Btw, i know the patch can fix allot of annoyances we mentioned, but i want to play NOW! :D :P

  • Sounds like a lie, I don’t hear of any other games dropping people and just for the records the server browser rarely updates players or any other information. It’s basically useless and if you read what the devs said they are rebuilding the server browser for patch 1 so its obviously not just steam.

  • Developer

    The issue with players being dropped whenever steam goes down for a brief while is in how our game connects to Steam. We are able to resolve that to a large degree with the upcoming patch, so yes it is a Chivalry specific issue in this case, in the way that we are hooking into steamworks and being too dependent on Steam. We didn’t expect to have as many issues as we have with steam reliability, but that was an oversight on our part. The new patch will fix this error and we apologize in the meantime. I never meant to imply this issue was not in part our fault.

  • funny i have no issues with all my other steam games

    I never meant to imply this issue was not in part our fault.

    i appreciate your honesty

    why are’nt the servers simply seen for their own ip’s instead of some other " steam routed ip" ? thats how it looks to me. I mean one of my server reads out in game but thats not it’s ip , is that some steam routing thing ? does this have to do with crazy player pings ?

  • In that case, Just close steam, delete the masterserver.vdf file, and download a new one, and then restart steam. This fix everything.

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