Chivalry causes unrecoverable freezing

  • As per the title, chivalry, and only chivalry, causes an unrecoverable freeze where the screen turns white and the keyboard stops responding to commands. Normally I am on teamspeak and about 90% of the time, audio keeps functioning for 3-4 seconds and then there is a complete lockup.

    [attachment=1:1uxr6r0j]DxDiag.txt[/attachment:1uxr6r0j] attached

    I have a log file attached, it cuts out at the end of the file (though, due to the infrequency of this patch i dug up an old one, and there is a small chance this is unrelated. Ill dig up a fresh one next time it happens)

    Quick specs:

    Vista 64 bit, i5 750, 8 gb ram, 660 ti (i suspect this is the problem because is a new card)

    There’s a good chance this bug has nothing to do with the game due to the new graphics card, but it only manifests itself in chivalry (so far). The bug only started occurring after i upgraded my card (from a 460)

  • I hate to bump, but to clear up to the devs, hawken beta (also written in UDK, methinks) causes the same issue, so it appears to be a conflict between the UDK and the 310.33 beta drivers with the 660 ti rather than your fault particularly


    The crash issue has occured several times on stoneshill (the one where you set houses on fire and slaughter peasants?) when changing from warmup to non warmup. It does not happen every time

    For reference/interest, (compressed because uncompressed it is quite large) launch.log is attached (although its still probably a driver bug)

    There are a few warning messages about not being able to compile shaders for stoneshill there which might be related to the new card/drivers

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